Do You Love What You Do?

I'm in the process of changing careers, in search of more fulfillment and a change of pace.

But lately I feel overworked, and while I was drinking caffeine at midnight the other night, boy by my side doing the exact same, I thought, wow ...is this worth it?

What do you do as a job/career? Do you love it?


Maggie said...

If you have the inclination to make a switch now, DO IT. I'm at the point in my career where I'd like to that, but I realize everyone would've been better off had I done so 2-3 years ago. SIGH...

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Funny. I've been asking myself that A LOT lately. I think I like my professions....not sure about the current position.

ruthy ann said...

im in the middle of negotiations for a new job i took...if it doesn't work out in my favor, i'm walking out and beginning the search all over again.

honey my heart said...

my job is okay. i don't love it and i'm in the process of figuring out what exactly i want to do and why i have been there for so long. it's a hard thing for me to find an office job that makes me happy. i do hope you find something fulfilling :)

MayLove said...

I'm in kind of the same place. When I was in college I didn't pursue the career path I really wanted to because everyone told me I'd never make money in it. Now I totally regret that decision because I'm have a degree that I don't enjoy, and my job doesn't have anything to do with my degree. I'm not overworked in my job, I'm just working below my potential, and I'm not challenged or fulfilled in it. I want to contribute something in this life, and I'm trying to balance the risk of leaving a job with good benefits and good pay but totally unfulfilling and not going anywhere to pursue a career where I probably won't make a lot of money, won't have any benefits (I carry them for both hubby and I since he doesn't have benefits at his job) but I might be really happy. It's really hard. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I took a big risk last year by leaving my job in finance to try to break-into the non-profit. It was hard... and I volunteered at a local non-profit for nearly a year before I landed my job just a few short months ago.

But you know, I couldn't be happier, now! I was making a little more than 2.5 times what I'm making now... but my job is so much more rewarding and I get to work with people who share my values.

It's not an easy decision.. but with the love and support of your loved ones, and the knowledge that you'll be happier in the end if you make the transition, you can do it! :)

Mo said...

@Maggie: Thanks for the advice, Maggie. I can imagine how difficult it would be 5 years from now if we started a family. I'm glad I started my program now, but it just feels like it is taking for-ev-er.

@TPB: I have the same thoughts myself.

@ruthy ann: ooooh good luck! I really hope it works in your favor as I know you've enjoyed your job...and that ipad!

@honey my heart: thanks honey. :) I hope so too!

@MayLove: Ahh...this sounds familiar, except I'm in the opposite boat in that I studied something that was constantly ridiculed and never looked back. Because I'm stubborn and really like hanging out in museums. It's tough giving up the security of a steady paycheck and health insurance!

@Anon: Good for you! I'm so happy that you got a job that you love. I work somewhere that has warm and fuzzy values as well, and I always wonder what my life would be like if I say, went into banking? Sometimes I flip through the real estate listings and think "what would it be like to afford this??" Best wishes to you and your new path!

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