Thoughts on holiday cards

When we moved in together, a good four years ago, a friend remarked "are you going to be one of those couples who sends Christmas cards with a photo of you and your dog?"

Trying my hardest to be cool, I'm pretty sure I responded by saying "Psssh. Nooo! Yeah right" but deep down inside I probably thought "Oooh...wouldn't that be super cute, especially with a corgi puppy." (I was a closet Martha Stewart reader back then. I have no shame anymore.)

The fact that someone said that in 2006 has prevented me from putting our photo on any holiday card. Seriously. Well, time to give in, because this year I want to send out cards and we're going to have a photo of us on it. And I will not be ashamed!

I'm a fan of tinyprints.com, which has a lot of customizable cards from some really talented designers (including one of my favorites, Night Owl Paper Goods!) It makes the work a whole lot easier for me, especially after all of the wedding paper goods I designed.

I ignored anything resembling work or school tonight to play with all of my options. Here are some of my favorites.

[Yuletide by tallu-lah for tinyprints, photo by my cousin-in-law Chuck]
[Clever beaver by Night Owl Paper Goods for tinyprints. I wish I could write something other than Merry Christmas, but the beaver sure is cute.]

[Frilly frame by Sarah Hawkins Design for tinyprints, photo by our friend Brian]

Do you send holiday cards? What do you like to use?


Gina said...

These are cute! I always dress my dogs up in santa or elf costumes...I think it takes away from the standard boring couple+dog photo.

Last year, I had an artist on Etsy sketch a cartoon like picture of us for $50...I then printed it myself and made my own cards. It was the best card yet. Everyone loved it so much more than the photo!

hitchdied said...

Last year, Collin and I really wanted to send holiday cards with him in his Santa costume and me in my "sexy santa" costume and his cats wearing elf hats. It was ironic (sort of not really). The problem is, we ended up taking the photos for them when we were pretty drunk. And my bra was showing in almost every picture. And in the rest the cats were very clearly trying to get out of our arms. We ended up scrapping the project.

honey my heart said...

i love sending holiday cards :) they are usually scrapbook looking, but last year we did have a photo one of the family at the wedding. i like the yule tide one you posted!

Mo said...

@Gina: Awww you have dogs that cooperate! My cat would probably claw my eyes out, but maybe. Just maybe.
That's really cool about the portrait! Who is the etsy artist?

@hitchdied: Ok, you need to retry that photoshoot because it pretty much sounds awesome. I know I'd hang it up on my cork board at work.
It also reminded me of Anne Sage's silliness: http://www.annesage.com/blog/2009/12/a-tale-of-two-christmas-cards.html.
Do it!

@honey my heart: Thanks! I like the color a lot. Are you going to dip into holiday cards on your Etsy shop?

very married said...

i send holiday cards every single year!

ruthy ann said...

i love photo holiday cards and i can't wait to create mine!! you are so on top of things!!

Creature Gorgeous said...

I like the red one! I still can't get over how gorgeous your wedding dress is.

We sent out a "couple's" holiday card last year, our first holiday as a married couple. I just printed out a wedding photo onto cardstock!

Eva said...

I like the second print!

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