To Sell, or Not To Sell?

Right now, my wedding dress sits inside my closet, dirty and hanging out with my cheongsam. I intended to sell it once the wedding was over, but most people I talked to thought it was a bad idea. So I had second thoughts too, because I feel like I had an entire relationship with this dress with all the drama!

Another problem is that the lace at the bottom started unraveling at the wedding, so I'm not even sure how much money it is worth. Would anyone even want a dress with damaged lace, or should I just get it cleaned and put it in a nice box?

What would you do?



BigAppleNosh said...

I'm facing this very question and I'd love to hear what you end up doing!

Jamie said...

Would it be possible to chop it off till it's knee length? You would get more wears out of it that way.

Gina said...

I bought my wedding dress for $300 at a consignment shop, so I am happy that theer are people out there who sell their dresses.

But...my mom still has her dress and it is the same one my grandma wore and I love that she has it.

My dress is plain and simple, but I still have it sand I hope one day I have a child who will be able to see it. So, keep it!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

It's a toughie. Give it some time and mull it over. Get it cleaned regardless and I like the idea of rewearing it as well.

I'm a multiple dress bride so I have to sell at least one!

Ivana | Love Ardently said...

the wedding dress matter is always a tough one! i think you should get it cleaned either way, so maybe do that first, and then when it's all clean and nicely put in a box, you can probably decide :)

if i were you i probably wouldn't sell it :)

Mo said...

Thanks for all the feedback! Cleaning it, yes, I definitely need to find someone to clean it (anyone have recommendations for San Diego?)

You're all tempting me to keep it! I was joking with my friend that the only time I could wear it is if we had a Pride and Prejudice reenactment. But keeping it in the family is a tempting thought, as my mother kept her cheongsams and I always wanted to wear hers (too small, sigh).

@Jamie: I didn't think of that, chopping it would definitely make it more sassy! Not sure I'd be able to wear it anywhere still, it's awfully bling bling on the top.

ruthy ann said...

i got my cleaned and sold it!! i wanted SOME of my money back!

MayLove said...

I'm in sort of the same situation. Dress still in the closet, dirty as hell, and probably not in its prime any longer. I've thought about selling it, but I may donate it back to the place I bought it; Brides Against Breast Cancer. That's an option too... I don't have any emotional attachment to it that makes me want to keep it. I always planned to pass it on again. I took photos in it, but I will never wear it again (or probably fit in it again) and it will just take up space otherwise, so what's the point in keeping it? I (presumably, should our photographer not "lose" the digital images) have photos of me in it, and that's good enough for me.

Creature Gorgeous said...

that dress is just too special and amazing. don't sell. but i'm with chic n' cheap. give it some time to mull over. maybe even a year.

joyce said...

Keep it!! It's a lovely dress and it'll forever be your wedding dress!! Also, you never know, your children might wear them one day.

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