A Mini Meltdown and Neti Pots

Sorry I've been silent this week. Three things happened that unfortunately tore me away from blog world and are currently making me temporarily scary: work got crazy, to the point where I worked at night and on the weekend and I said things like "I gotta answer this, it's from work" which pretty much never happens in my neck of the workplace. School started, so I currently have two papers staring at me, one about ethics and the other about research paradigms, and it's only a few days into the quarter and I'm already behind. Aaaaand then I got a nasty cold, preventing me from working to my full potential and latching onto a box of tissues. This week has been a barrel of monkeys.
You know you've reached meltdown mode when your husband says "Mo?" very quietly, and you answer with "Don't bother me right now" and he actually listens because he's scared of you this time.

Because of my cold, I bought a neti pot, which my sister has been raving about. And then I watched this enlightening demo and it made all the stuff I just wrote about go away temporarily.

Le sigh. Any tricks to rid the common cold and the mini meltdown?



Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

mini meltdowns are totally normal, especially when you are swamped!! I'm glad your husband understands :) I think the thing you need the most is REST! Hope you spend some down time with your man today, you need it!

Krista said...

For a cold, I use the neti pot. Kinda gross at first, but you'll grow to love it.

For mini-meltdowns, it depends on the cause. When I'm well, wine helps. When sick, I choose green tea. In either case, several long baths, maybe yoga, some meditation, a good book, and possible yelling or crying about what's bothering me.

Good luck ...

ruthy ann said...

i hear the neti pots work...but for a less scary method...i slice up ginger, boil it for 20 minutes, add honey and sip. it works like a miracle!

Creature Gorgeous said...

Oh, I hope you feel better, Mo. It's the worst when your sick and then you have so many things pulling at you. For meltdowns, I go for walk, even if it's just around the house. Hugs and hope you feel better soon.

MayLove said...

:( Feel better! the neti-pot grosses me out. I always have sinus issues, but prefer the sterile saline sinus spray. When I start to feel icky, I used that stuff twice a day, and usually can prevent sinus infection, cold, or tonsillitis. It's my savior!

honey my heart said...

hope you are feeling better!

Mo said...

Thanks for all the support and advice ladies. I'm feeling better after some rest and many hot showers.

@Krista: I hope I love the neti pot soon. I was using it, and the boy was watching and started laughing, which prompted me to laugh, and I basically spit out a bunch of water on our bathroom mirror. Ewwwwww.
I'm a fan of the crying and yelling method myself. :)

@ruthy ann: ginger...I've never tried that before! I use honey to help my cough, perhaps I'll pick up some ginger next time I'm at the store.

@CreatureGorgeous: Seriously, it sucks being sick and still working! I love walks too, I take many when I'm at work and feeling pressured, usually accompanied by some liquid caffeine.

@MayLove: My sister also swears by the saline spray! The bonus is that I wouldn't spew water all over my bathroom with a nasal spray.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

i SWEAR by the neti pot! twice a day when you have a cold.....really speeds up a cold.

Ice cream for the meltdown. Always makes me feel better.

Anonymous said...

Ok I don't think I'll watch that video, thanks, because I already know how it works :-) My mother-in-law gave one to her son / my husband one Christmas... boy was he thrilled with that gift :-D hahaha
But yeah ok, it does work.

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