Mo+Boy Tie the Knot: I Gotta Feeling...

...that that song is totally overplayed. And that I owe you another wedding recap!

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I was nervous about the dancing part of the wedding because I was afraid people would not dance. If you've been to a Chinese wedding, you know exactly what I mean. People typically eat, take pictures, and then leave. But I was happy that people actually danced, even though there were some lulls and definite song duds due to yours truly (c'mon people, doesn't anyone else like to dance to Stray Cat Strut??)

My do not play list was long, and had, you guessed it, Black Eyed Peas. The DJ even commented, hmm that's gonna be tough, they are reeaallly popular right now.

They made the do not play list because I make a lot of pop music associations with things that have happened in my life. I had a crappy boyfriend who loved the Black Eyed Peas. Therefore,

Crappy boyfriend = Black Eyed Peas

I had a horrible day at work where I felt like biting off a lot of heads, and the topic of discussion that day was whether or not to play Let's Get It Started as the opening song at a work event. Therefore,

Bad day at work = Black Eyed Peas

Put the two together. Crappy boyfriend + Bay day at work = BLACK EYED PEAS

Well, the DJ ended up playing I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas. But it wasn't the DJ's fault.

Troublemaker: Hey I just asked the DJ to play I Gotta Feeling and he said that I had to get permission from you.
Boy: Yeah! I wanted to play that song and she said no. [bumps me] Other people like that song too.
Me: Whaaaaat. That's on my do not play list though.
Troublemaker: Uh, we just heard Ke$ha. I'm a little confused about your standards here.
Me: You request that song, you better dance like you've never danced before.

And so the DJ played it. And as if everyone else were in on the joke, everyone started dancing. Because apparently not everyone equates Black Eyed Peas with Crappy boyfriend and Bad day at work. It was, admittedly, a very fun end to the evening. I no longer loathe the song because it will forever have the association of our wedding.

I Gotta Feeling = Fun time at the wedding

Got a Crappy boyfriend + Bad day at work song? Share it with me!



ruthy ann said...

isn't it crazy? that song drives me nuts too...but it IS the wedding song of the century...you just cannot help but get up and dance!

honey my heart said...

you know what's funny, my husband despises the black eyed peas! he did not want them played but i had to remind him not to care because the lakers play "i got a feeling" before each game, so that song can't be all bad ;)

ps i would totally dance to stray cat strut!!

Mo said...

@ruthy ann: It totally is the wedding song of the century, I feel like I hear it EVERYWHERE.

@honey my heart: Yeah! Stray Cat Strut rocks! I swear when that came on, everyone left the dance floor. My heart (and my cat's) broke.
PS: Your husband has good taste!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Oh yeah my husband had a long list. But I reminded him that we are a pop song grooving society and he let some songs slip in there (yep even Jamie Foxx)

Paul said...

hahaha, troublemaker, i love it! i've never been called a troublemaker before, i guess you just bring out the best in me =)
the funny thing is, i hate the black eyed peas too (although i'm kinda a closeted fergie solo fan). i just wanted to give you a hard time on your special day. it was totally perfect that it turned out to be the night's most popular song.

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

LOL. What a great re-cap, Mo!! I used to hate on the Black Eyed Peas, too, but for a different reason. L's claim to shame is that he went to high school with Fergie. He used to brag on and on about it, and it sorta bugged me. So I developed this dislike for them for no real reason. But Fergie grew on me, and now I'll admit that a few of their songs have crept onto my iPod :)

Yay for a great ending to your awesome wedding!

Mo said...

@Paul: Well don't I feel special. :)
It was either that or rabble-rouser, which also would have been suitable. And...I admit to liking Glamorous, it's just too darn catchy and I like how she says "mustang".

@The Less Than Domestic Goddess: Aw, thanks! That's so funny, because the boy knows someone who went to elementary school with Fergie. What a small Southern California world we live in!


LOL Mo! You're so funny! And I can totally relate to you associating events or people to music and then you categorize the music accordingly.

Hope you're having a great week!

Melissa said...

I glad it turned out for you in the end. I too tend to associate events with songs. It is great you were able to take a negative association to the song and turn it into a positive one.

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