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You might remember that the boy went to Vegas a week before the wedding on my birthday. I think he felt bad about this, because I got to go to dinner here and then when we got back from Japan we went to the mac store and he bought me another belated present, an iPhone!

I'm addicted to it. And my latest app managed to occupy my time for a few good hours today--Instagram! It's a photo social network site (you can add me as a friend, username is pinkargyle!) but the fun part is that you can choose from different vintage filters before you upload.

I played around with a bunch of photos from last weekend's wedding and I think the results are a lot of fun! (Special thanks to Ann and Tyler for sending me their pictures, the one with Rosanna's veil is gorgeous.)

[Rehearsal at St. Ignatius Church--I couldn't stop staring at this dome! Photo from Ann and Tyler]

[Rosanna has her veil put in by makeup artist Aimee Lam.]

[Checking myself out]


[Rosanna in the stretch limo on the way to the church]

[Just married! Photo from Ann and Tyler]

[The cake was GORGEOUS. Photo from Ann and Tyler]

Click here to get the Instagram app! Have fun.

[All images taken with my iPhone unless noted.]


Ivana | Love Ardently said...

i just got an iPhone too about 2 weeks ago and i'm now officially an iPhone nerd. i have the shakeit app on my phone and it's an app that gives vintage colors/filters to photos, kinda similar to the instagram. i'll have to check the instagram out too! :)

ps: love that 3rd pic of you!

e.day said...

ahh i'm obsessed with my iphone too!! i use the hipstamatic camera app more than anything else.

love your blog! yay fellow san diegan!


BigAppleNosh said...

These are great! I don't have an iphone, but I'm downloading this onto my husband's! :)

Mo said...

Thanks for the other app ideas, I'm sure I'll be playing with them endlessly over the weekend. :)
Happy shooting!

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