Jiji wishes you all a Happy Halloween!

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[A cupcake study break at Pannikin Coffee and Tea in La Jolla]

Halloween was quite uneventful this year as I had two papers to write and little time to do them. I did however get dressed up as Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service and made Kiki's cat Jiji, who is now keeping me company at my desk.

Someone at work asked if she was Toto. Jiji turned her head and told her, "uh, no."

Happy Halloween!


honey my heart said...

cute costume :) will you post a photo? i love how you also made jiji to go w/ the costume.


Hope you had a happy Halloween, sweetie! Mine was fairly mellow myself this year but fun. I got to see some parades including a dog parade which was adorbes! :)

Mo said...

@honey my heart: We'll see! For once I didn't take any photos of myself, I have to wrangle them from others.

@The Alternative Wife: A dog parade?? I love dogs in costume, I can't imagine a whole parade of them, I'd go nuts!

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