Congratulations Rosanna and Michael!

[From my iPhone. Mo's dress from Dessy, Rosanna's dress from Casablanca]

Congratulations to Rosanna and Michael for tying the knot in a gorgeous San Francisco wedding this past weekend! It was beautiful, and as you can see, Rosanna looked gorgeous!!

One of my favorite moments of the day was right before the ceremony. The two of us were looking into the very grand mirror in the bridal changing room, Rosanna in her gown and me next to her, and we were recounting all of those times in college we ate turkey sandwiches and watched A Wedding Story on TLC together. (Ironically my other favorite show during college was Cheaters, because it was guaranteed drama-filled entertainment, and I always loved it when that guy in the leather coat said "Up next, THE CONFRONTATION". Hilarious.)

Hope to have some more pictures to show you all! And if anyone is looking for bridesmaid dresses, I found the Dessy dress I wore to be a bright burst of color with a flattering (and plunging!) neckline.


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Very flattering bridesmaid dress! Great colour on you. Congrats to the lovely couple.

Wasn't Cheaters the best???!!

Mo said...

Thank you!! :D

oh em eff gee. TOTALLY the best!! I think I should be that guy for Halloween.

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