Conversations with my mother

Her: Hey, so, I was thinking about your wedding, and you know how my friends are coming all the way from Hong Kong for your wedding?
Me: Uh-huh.
Her: Well, tell me what you think, I was thinking it would be much easier if we gave your apartment to them, because we have so many people, and I will pay for a hotel room for you guys for a few days.
Me: Why don't you just pay for the hotel room for them to stay?
Her: Because we can't all fit in one hotel room! Crazy! What will they do, sleep on the floor?
Me: Mom, my apartment has one bedroom. How much more privacy will that give 5 people? One of them will have to sleep on the floor! And, we might even spend the night before apart, we haven't decided on what to do yet.
Her: Ok then I'll pay for two hotel rooms. Or, oh I know, you can just stay with a friend! Why don't you do that?
Me: This makes no sense, why don't you use that money to rent a condo for the week or get them two hotel rooms?
Her: Think about it, ok? Ok. I have to go, cooking dinner.
*click, dial tone*

Would you give up your apartment a few days before the wedding and move to a hotel room? I really really don't want to, especially since I know our apartment will be a dumping ground for all our diy and random wedding stuff. I just don't want to tell my mother that. Here, I'll give you her phone number. You can call her.



Maggie said...

No way, keep your own space! It'll help you feel grounded and calm when it's getting nutty everywhere else.

Out of towners expect a hotel room, anyway.

landlocked bride said...

There's no way! My apartment would like look a wedding tornado hit anyway, last thing I would want is people in my apartment, haha!

A Los Angeles Love said...

Effing hell, No No No! It's not just the wedding project cr*p that's sure to be everywhere, it's needing a place to feel serene and at home in the five spare minutes you're going to have. Also, you don't want to feel like you're intruding IN YOUR OWN APARTMENT when you need to rush around printing last minute programs, looking for that pair of shoes, finding your favorite handcream, etc etc etc. I'd feel at ends if I couldn't access my own safe space and organization. You'll have enough stress without packing to move into a hotel.

Make the argument about logistics and what you'll need from the apartment and list all the better convenience options for guests at a hotel maybe she'll start to really listen.

honey my heart said...

i can commiserate with the feeling, parents can be so overwhelming. maybe try to explain that keeping the apt will be beneficial (diys, packing, gifts/boxes, etc) and i think after a few more convos, she'll book hotel rooms or a condo for the out of towners. hopefully :) good luck!

Heather said...

Keep your space! It was really hard for us to have a hotel the week of our wedding...being home would have been easier. The only good part is it is sort of a mini vacation before your honeymoon! :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I concur - stay home! You don't want to worry about cleaning up for your guests in addition to doing everything else. I'm sure your guests would appreciate a condo or hotel room.

One of my bridesmaids did stay with me though which calmed me down because she was able to help with a lot of random stuff and I got to see her all the time.

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julia::ordinarysaturdays said...

Ha! I had people ask to stay in our guest room the week of the wedding. Which would have been fine except that it was weddng central in there. You couldn't even walk to the closet, let alone find the bed. Want me to talk to your mom? I have pictures, even. :D

PDX Bride said...

Don't do it! You are going to want your own space. We were at my parents house the week before the wedding cuz we live in Cali and the wedding was in Oregon. We had the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and all the wedding prep at the house and I wish I had someplace to escape to!

A Fortunate Bride said...

Nooooo way.


absolutely not!!! trust me you will need your space. and it's true that you're place will be a wedding dumping ground and you won't want anyone stepping foot anywhere near your apartment. i considered letting some people stay especially since we both stayed in a hotel the night before and our apartment was empty for the night but i was very happy that i decided against it. good luck! :)

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Um, apparently your mom and my mom have been talking. heheh. my mom would totally expect me to give up my own space. sigh. I'll call your mom.

blushingjoy said...

Lolz!! I'll call your mum too! But I think I'll antagonise her and she'll hate me. I'll say no too... I'm iffy about strangers (even if it's mum's friends) staying over and me not being there. It'll be weird too even if I'm there because I'll be pressured to keep them happy all the time and any other time, I'm fine but no way on my wedding day.

Abbie said...

No, I wouldn't! You'll have things you'll want to be able to grab last minute without worrying about other people being there. Plus, you won't want to feel like you're living out of a suitcase.

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