Giving (or not giving) gifts

The boy's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, and as we were sitting trying to figure out where to go to dinner on his special day, I realized that it's been a very long time since I bought him a present that he didn't pick out for himself. We just don't give gifts to one another unless 1. the other person says "I want that please buy it for me." or 2. a friend tells one of us "he/she wants that, you should get it for her/his birthday." 

I'm pretty sure neither one of us will be giving each other gifts the day of the wedding, but I was curious if that's really popular among other couples. Are you planning to give your SO a gift, or did you give your SO a gift on the wedding day? Have you fallen into the 'we don't buy gifts for each other' category like us? 


blushingjoy said...

I'm so glad you posted this. Means that I'm not alone! We're in the same category as you guys just coz I don't like buying presents that the recipient doesn't really need or want and vice versa. I think it's just a waste coz it ends up being stashed in the corner somewhere and the forgotten.

I am considering getting Ryan something on our wedding day but that is if I can find something I know he'll use. :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I think when you spend $$$$ on the rockingest party ever, you don't really need presents. Mr. Chic 'n Cheap's birthday was a few days after the wedding so he's eternally worried he'll get only one gift for both events.

We were at the Barney's outlet the month before so I got him awesome cuff links for his birthday/wedding. We didn't really do presents though and I think that's totally up to the couple. Your gift is each other (awwww, cheesy but true!)

Mrs. Smith said...

we got each other wedding gifts. i got tiffany earrings i'd been in love with, he got a cigar humidor and tickets to his favorite college basketball team. we both focused on something that would be memorable.

now i have no idea what to get him for christmas. ;)

an aqua juel said...

Still not sure what I'm going to get him, but I would like to get him something that we can pass down...no idea what though! I guess cufflinks are pretty standard, but would love to get some sort of original idea.


we're pretty much in the "we don't buy gifts for each other" category. we spoil each other & ourselves throughout the year. but from time to time we'll give each other a surprise. originally i assumed we were going to give each other wedding gifts but as we got further into the planning, we decided that the wedding was our gift to each other.

Jen said...

I did boudoir pictures for hubby and he got me the wedding cake charm for my pandora bracelet and surprised me with a photobooth @ the receptino!

Carol said...

Hmmm I haven't thought about this yet! But on the same category, we don't do Valentines gifts, just a nice dinner with each other. Usually home on the day of, and then out another night.

Heather said...

We didn't do gifts on the weddin day...there is too much buying going on that month so we were just tapped out and tired of spending money! :)

Glo said...

We didn't buy gifts for each other for our wedding day. The one thing that I remember from marriage class is that we are a gift to each other. You can't top that as a gift.

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