Happy 7 Years

Today, the boy and I celebrated being a couple for 7 years. The funny thing is that we both forgot, until last night when I realized "hey...doesn't something special happen on October 5th?" Luckily, the boy canceled his plans and I skipped aerobics so that we could have a romantic dinner together. We had some pink champagne too, but the toasts we did at first were appallingly bad. 

Me: "So...I guess we decided to be a couple 7 years ago? Remember I walked to your dorm while you were doing laundry, and you were annoyed I was there because you had a lot of studying to do?"
Him: "Um...yeah sort of. Not really."
Me: "Here's to you not being annoyed with me anymore!"


...a glass of champagne later and some lobster potstickers...

Me: "Here's to working so hard that we forgot our own anniversary!" 
Him: "That is a bad toast. Do another."
Me: "Like what?"
Him: "Like...here's to another year!"
Me: "That's lame, just one more? Having some commitment issues lately? Hmmmm?"
Him: "Well then you do it."
Me: "Hey you know what, this will be our last October 5th anniversary. Like, never again are we going to celebrate October 5th, because July 3rd is going to be our anniversary, thus making October 5th void, isn't that uuuuuhhh-mazing? And we almost missed it!"

Did I mention I can't really drink alcohol and that I get tipsy in 2 seconds?

Him: "Yeah, I guess that is kinda funny. July 3rd is going to be it from now on."
Me: "Ok let's drink to that!"
Him: "Ok."
Me: "Here's to getting married in 9 months, and our new anniversary date of July 3rd. Good bye October 5th, dating was fun."
Him: "Here here."



Westside Wedding said...

HAPPY 7 years!! ha ha we forget too!

chicncheap said...

You and the boy are too cute. Congrats to 7 years and to a new anniversary date!

Maria said...

too cute! our dating anniversary is new years eve (we usually celebrate on the first, though) so we'll still get champagne both days! i'm definitely ready to have a july anniversary too! congrats!

Ivana | Love Ardently said...

That's too cute! Congrats!

My and my hubs still want to celebrate our dating anniversary... just for a reason to have some nice wine! :)

A Los Angeles Love said...

Love it. And we forgot this year too.

Krista said...

We moved on Oct 2nd, and our "dating anniversary" is Oct 3rd. We still said happy anniversary on our dating anniversary even though we're married. :)

Tracy-Girl said...

You two are seriously adorable. I love it! 7 yearss... wooo hoo! Thats something to celebrate!

Carol said...

Congrats!!! So fun!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Your toasts are too cute. lol.

honey my heart said...

happy anniversary :) 7 years is amazing... we have been together for 7 years too.

blushingjoy said...

Lolz... that's a really funny toast!! Congrats on 7 years!! Here's to a new date!!

anna and the ring said...

Congratulations! You should definitely keep your other anniversary!

But "Me: "Here's to getting married in 9 months, and our new anniversary date of July 3rd. Good bye October 5th, dating was fun."Him: "Here here." Is far too sweet!!!

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