I'd Like To Stay Here #1: Tigerlily, Edinburgh

I'm up to my ears in hotels/b&bs/resorts/rentals. First, we needed to book a hotel near our venue, so I am well versed in San Diego County hotels now. I am also on my way to knowing way too much about Tokyo hotels, and just at the tip of ryokan knowledge in Kyoto. But this isn't about Japan or Southern California, this is about places that I would like to stay at in places I unfortunately won't be visiting. But I thought I'd share the daydream with all of you.

1. Tigerlily, Edinburgh

[All images from Tigerlily]

Pink curtains and sofas. Glittering gold walls. Candlelight. Fluttering modern chandeliers. I feel like this hotel was made specifically for the "I love pink and great design and I'm not ashamed of it" demographic, which I so shamelessly fall under, and I'm totally eating it all up. They offer a girls weekend package complete with a personal shopping experience, meals+flirtinis, a VIP entry into a club, and afternoon tea. This sounds perfect for a bachelorette, friends' reunion, or um, a bloggers' retreat? What do you say?

Next up, where I'd love to be in Greece!



Natalie said...

Sounds like a beautiful place - and Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities... Where do I sign up?!

Gaynor said...

I work just around the corner from here and although I have never stayed, I have been to a couple of the bars and the club, which are both very expensive for drinks! The rooms are supposed to be lovely tho!

Mo said...

@Gaynor: How funny that you work just around the corner!
Well, it's a good thing in daydream imaginary bloggers retreat, money is not an issue. ;)

Stacey said...

Oooo!! Getting to go to that hotel for a blogger's retreat would overcome my lingering reservations about joining the blogging world!! :) Love it! Just say glittering gold walls and I'm there. :)

Missy May said...

That sounds SO fun! You should ask your fiance if you could go!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Sigh, love it, so modern and romantic.

I love imaginary blogger retreats. :)

blushingjoy said...

Lolz.. in daydream world where money is not an issue, I would be up for a blogger's retreat there too!! Looks so plush and beautiful!!


let's do a bloggers retreat! i'm in!!! :)

buhdoop said...

My fella may not like the pink room, but I think he would love the bedroom (last picture), it looks so cozy!

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