Will We Regret Going to Japan in September?

I'm interrupting my daydreaming to other cities for this very important question.
[And I'm having a crappy week and only got 5 hours of sleep, so I'm focusing on something happy that I will actually get to experience--our real honeymoon.]

The only month that is open for us to take a honeymoon relatively close to the wedding is September because of school. We hear, from the reliable source that is the Internet, that September is typhoon season in Tokyo. For anyone who is familiar with Japan, what do you think? If we go, are we going to be rained on and hating life, or do you think it could go either way? Your thoughts are appreciated.


The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

My husband works with many Japanese nationals, so I asked him to ask them about September in Tokyo. They said that September is typhoon season, and they would prefer to go in August. Even though the weather is hot and humid, August has many festivals called "Omatsuri". There are beautiful fireworks shows, and great festivities. I trust their advice because they are all from Tokyo :) Hope that helps!

Mo said...

Thank you so much for asking Carly!! I really appreciate it. =)
I'l have to talk to the boy about early August instead of early September and see what we decide. Airfare is only slightly more expensive, but I'd rather have it hot and humid than rainy if we'll be sight seeing. Thanks again.

Missy May said...

I think if you DO go, and you get rained in, you and your hubby will have to stay close indoors.
Your honeymoon is about staying close anyway. Don't forget, you still have blogging!
That's just what I think!

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

No problem! I just realized that my comment might have come off like I'm saying *don't* go in September. I'm convinced a trip to Tokyo is awesome ANY time of the year!! :) If you need any additional advice for travel in September, I can definitely ask hubby's coworkers about it. Just lemme know. Such a dream honeymoon :) xo

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I'm sure even if it is raining you will still have a great time!

Mo said...

@Carly: Oh, no worries Carly! I didn't think that at all, I was just so appreciative that you went to the trouble of having L ask his coworkers! I have been looking at weather history, and it looks like it rains in August too (boooo!), so I don't know if we can avoid it this time of year. I think we might just have to pack rain boots and an umbrella and hope we get a lot of dry days...or we can wait another year for a honeymoon! Too many options!

miss.t said...

We are planning a trip to Japan too! :) I agree with Carly...I think you will enjoy Japan at any time of the year!! :D I have friends that have gone in the summer and the only "complaints" are the heat and humidity.

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