We Might Stay Here #1: Claska, Tokyo

We were thisclose to buying our plane tickets to Japan last night. My fault really, I was too tired to get back on the computer and instead decided to read under the covers. I'll update once it's official. =D

I also wanted to thank everyone for their input about typhoon season. After checking weather history and our own schedules for 2010-2011, we realized that skipping the country wouldn't be possible...well...for a very long time. A long weekend away we can manage, but a couple of weeks? It just won't fly in the future with our school and work schedules. We even talked about ditching Japan altogether and going somewhere new, but our arguing just put us right back where we started. SO...

We're going to suck it up and hope for some sunny days and eat a lot of ramen to compensate for any bad weather. You can help me pick out rain boots later this year.

I've also been doing some obsessive hotel and ryokan research. I'm a fan of boutique hotels, and I've realized that they don't really exist in Tokyo. Every time I do a search on tripadvisor I'm bombarded with a lot of business hotels.

But, I did find one that looks promising. I'm intrigued by Claska, an arty 9-room boutique hotel located outside the city center that was voted hotel of the year by Wallpaper Magazine. It's further from the action and would require a good walk to public transportation, and it's not exactly cheap but it also isn't as expensive as the Conrad Tokyo or the Park Hyatt which are both hovering in the $400-500+ USD a night category. And, we all know we need that extra money for ramen and paying for the wedding.

Onward with the research! If anyone has any hotel tips, feel free to shoot them my way!


Missy May said...

Looks awesome! I would love to visit Tokyo someday!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Ooh Claska looks cool. Definitely try the ryokan experience (bummed I didn't) perhaps in another city. Are you going elsewhere, like Osaka or Kyoto?

Mo said...

@Chic n' Cheap: We are planning on going to Kyoto and staying at a ryokan there!

Anonymous said...

It looks a bit sterile for honeymooners like yourselves!

From looking at the blog, you have too much color and personality for this page.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Mo
Claska is superb - we just got back from there yesterday. Two nights in a tatami mat room. Definitely the best hotel we've stayed in. It's in a really cool area and 10 mins to the nearest metro so no hassle to get about.

If you go to Osaka you should stay in the Dojima - also great.

If you like art, check out Naoshima - once in a lifetime stuff...

Have a superb wedding and honeymoon!

Jennifer&Jonathan (currently in Kyoto)

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