I'd Like To Stay Here #3: W Hong Kong

The other day, I was watching a Yan Can Cook special about noodles. I basically craved Chinese food all week, I think we ate it four times in a row after I watched 30 minutes of Martin Yan eating noodles.

[Side note: my sister met Martin Yan and got the boy and I a signed copy of Martin Yan's easy cookbook. We now have Martin Yan's well wishes for a happy marriage.]

If I were in Hong Kong and had food coma, this is what I'd want to drowsily stare at--this gigantic, amazing butterfly mural!

Actually, I would probably just want to lie by that amazing pool, not necessarily sleep here (although I guess I wouldn't mind that either.) But it's all about the pool and that mural. Such great eye candy.

[Images of W Hong Kong from The Cool Hunter]



The Professional Bridesmaid said...

SIGN ME UP!!!! I love W hotels. I'm like this series Mo.....it's making me longing for my travel backpack.

Missy May said...

I am definitely writing that down on my "Go there before you die" list!

honey my heart said...

ok, the hotel is too amazing. if only i could book a trip... :)

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