17 Dozen Cupcakes To Call My Own

[Our cupcake order, with corresponding decorations, from Sprinkles]

It's official. We have dessert. After all the stress and debate about what to order for dessert, ordering was a piece of cake (or cupcake!) The woman who took my order over the phone was very nice and emailed my confirmation out asap, like we were still on the phone when I saw my order pop up in my email. She also walked me through all the decoration options and even made some suggestions after hearing that red was a main color. Kudos Sprinkles for an easy ordering process!

I got 17 dozen: 4 black and white, 4 peanut butter chocolate, 4 vanilla, 3 red velvet, and 2 coconut. That's a total of 204 cupcakes.

We might supplement those 204 cupcakes with some fruit tarts and chocolate chip cookies for those who do not like cupcakes or who want something less rich.

So far we have Italian food, a punch and lemonade bar, wine and beer, and now Sprinkles cupcakes. I hope no one goes hungry.


julia::ordinarysaturdays said...

YUM. Whenever you post pictures of this cakestravaganza I'm going to have to wear a drool-bib.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Um, I'm so crashing your wedding. ;) Yay to checking off another thing off the list.

Chocolate Lover said...

Definitely YUM!

Missy May said...

Good thing I'm not going, i would eat them ALL!
-Missy May

Luxeville said...

CONGRATULATIONS! They look delish! :)

honey my heart said...

hooray for ordering such yummy sweetness :) and the addition of fruit tarts and cookies is too good!

Maggie said...

Oh lord, I love Sprinkles. Amazing!

Naomi said...

If only I lived close enough to crash the reception....just for a cupcake...and maybe some dancing. They sound delicious. I'm so craving a cupcake now.


Yay congrats!!! They all sound amazing and look so cute too! :)

blushingjoy said...

They sound utterly delicious!! Yummmm!

Jessamyn Harris said...

oh my god. you have made me a happy, happy girl : )
not that I'm going to, um, eat your cupcakes... I'm just going to, you know, take pretty pictures of them. yeah, that's it!

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