San Diegans, go eat this cupcake!

Well, I really suck at this whole bridal diet thing because I just can't stop eating food that tastes good. I ate an amazing lemon cupcake at Influx, a super cute cafe in San Diego. The boy and I had sandwiches+lattes+cupcake there, and after we ate it we were slightly disappointed that we didn't find this place before ordering at Sprinkles. If you live in San Diego and are in need of a cupcake fix, I highly recommend this place! Out of every cupcake I have had in San Diego (and I have had A LOT of cupcakes,) this is by far the best.

Bloggers in other cities--what's the best cupcake in your neighborhood?


very married said...

mmm... this looks delicious!

Luxeville said...

Is it too late to change to Influx? Do they make you pay like a substantial deposit that cannot be canceled?

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Bookmarked! Mmm.

Mo said...

@Luxeville: Unfortunately, I already paid for the cupcakes, otherwise I'd ditch our original idea because *cry* they are also cheaper.
I'm going to try not to think about it and just keep them in mind in case we need more cupcakes...or, y'know, my birthday is a week before the wedding...*hint hint to the boy*

dethbakin said...


My favorite cupcake in San Jose is the fleur de sel cupcake at Love's Cupcakes. So good!

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

Mmmm, I have never met a cupcake I didn't like :) I am tempted to drive down to San Diego right now.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Oh that looks so good. You know how I love a good cupcake! I love Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica. Still looking for the perfect cupcake in Toronto.

Natalie said...

Can't wait to try this on my next trip to see my parents! I welcome any other great places to check out in SD!

buhdoop said...

Ahhhh, so annoying and every brides nightmare!! A place that is better and cheaper..ugh, how dare they!

On the bright side, the cupcakes you ordered are also really pretty and tasty. There is always the anniversary or baby shower :)

Luxeville said...

That is a shame... for sure, but you can't go wrong with Sprinkles, either! :)

For Seattle, I'd say Cupcake Royale... and a close second, The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. Also, I just love the owner of Sweet Cakes in Kirkland, WA. YUM! :)

Cupcakes are my weakness... which is why we will not be having any at our wedding. It's so easy to count how many you've scarfed down... people make fun of me when I eat like 6 cupcakes in one sitting. I'm just going to grab a BIG slice of cake... and I'll just tell people I only had a slice. ;)

DFY said...

I must check them out now! We're still deciding if we should serve cupcakes or cakes or both.

Teresa said...

Billy's cupcakes rule NYC. Cupcakes have no calories, at least that's what I tell myself.

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