The Winter Blues

I know, I know. I live in San Diego. Yet I still have the winter blues. I feel like I transform into another person once warmer weather rolls around. My hair is shinier, my face is clearer, and that 5 pounds I gained over Christmas slowly disappears (or I hope it does before April 24th...my first cheongsam fitting! Egads!) For now I sit on a lonely Thursday night, after I finally caught up on Lost, huddled by the space heater with the cat. 

I'm also starting to hate how long my hair is getting. It's weighing me down and it is the longest it has been since...hm...well I don't remember when it's been this long because by this point I would have chopped it up to my shoulders or chin. But all you brides out there know that I can't. I've already committed my hair to my wedding. It's got an appointment on July 3rd and if I cut it off it can't make it to that appointment. My hair is analogous to my current state of wedding planning.

I am so ready to get married, just like I am so ready to cut this hair. 

But time is moving by fast, and I've come a long way since starting Pink Argyle. I started sifting through my old blog posts and reminiscing. 

This time last year I...
+was waiting on graduate school
+hadn't picked a venue or date for the wedding 
+was obsessing over dresses
+made an amazing dinner with two of our very good friends for Valentine's Day

This time two years ago I...
+was not engaged yet
+was not an auntie yet
+hadn't even considered going back to school
+was still anti-skinny jeans (they are all I own now)

Anyone else got the I really want to cut my hair/speed the months up/so that we can have a really fun party/see all of our friends/family/go on an amazing vacation/be done with my first year of grad school/why does In N' Out and cheesecake taste so good/winter blues?



Missy May said...

Yes! Actually I was just thinking about Cheesecake. You could just trim your hair, right? Mine is about to my chin, I would LOVE to have long hair!
-Missy May

honey my heart said...

oh, i remember the hurry-up wedding blues. it helped that there began to be so much wedding related activity that the months began to speed up :) you'll get there! right now i've got the blah it is raining/i'm getting older/what's my next project blues. but i'm sure once spring comes, life will be sunny :) happy weekend.

Rosanna said...

Yeah! I can't wait for PWC!

Missy May said...

I left an award for you on my blog, congratulations!

Paul said...

you'd really be in trouble if you were in dc...we're snowed in and it's freezing! so i caught up on lost too =) if it helps, i can't wait for your wedding either!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Mmm In 'n Out.

Yeah the getting married part is so much better than the waiting to get married part.
You should go on dates, have a mini vacation, try new desserts. Before you know it, you'll be in that lovely Kitty Chen dress.

Hope you have a fab week!

Mo said...

@Missy May: I'll trade my long hair for your chin length hair, you just have to promise to give it back before July 3rd. :)

@thanks honey. hope you had a good weekend too.

@Rosanna: It took me the longest time to realize that PWC=post wedding chop! I am so not worthy to be engaged if I don't know that acronym.

@Paul: I saw all of Sarah's pics on FB of all the snow on their cars! I'm a big wimp, it's true. I think having to wear socks is a hassle.

Also, I can't wait to watch more LOST! I'm glad this is the last season, I'm not sure I could handle more without explanations.

@Chic n'Cheap: Hope you have a fab week too! A mini vacation sounds wonderful right now.

Ruthy G. said...

YES! And I moved from San Diego to the PNW...geez...what we do for love. I MISS the sunshine!

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