Burnt Out

This is the third attempt at writing this post, because I feel like the last thing people want to read about is how burnt out someone is...but since this blog is about my life, and because I have not written anything in a while, I thought I should update it despite it not being about puppies and rainbows--I'm up to here (motions hand over head) in work, school, and wedding. I wish it wasn't so, I wish I could just work on my DIY projects starting today and watch those episodes of LOST and GLEE I've missed, but unfortunately, I have to plow on through May until my quarter is over and when a work project is done. And then I can breathe for a little bit before July 3rd rolls around. 

I keep having George Banks moments. I haven't stolen hot dog buns yet, but I continually have to tell myself "it's cool, this is not the end of the world" with recent customer service snafus (this is one recently...the bridal shop lost my fabric from alterations and made me wait 30 minutes before telling me they didn't have it and couldn't find it...this was after telling me that their mother would know where it is, but that she was on a trip in Tahoe because she was going cuckoo from menopause--TMI! TMI! TMI!...don't worry, they found it, I was just already 20 minutes away on the freeway when they did.) 

I'm just tired. 

How are you all doing?  


Gaynor said...

Awww hope you are ok; you should write about it as its totally part of your life etc.

OMG though; I wold have freaked at the bridal shop!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Oh my! You must be tired! I'm glad they found your fabric. phew. I'm with you...feeling a little burnt out...so much so, I've taken a break from blogging. sigh. Hang in there MO! The finish line is pretty close. Good luck with the rest of quarter

dethbakin said...

I hear ya, Mo. Just a few more weeks!!

Mo said...

@Gaynor: Hahaha..good to know someone else would! I was fighting the urge to get too outwardly upset.

@TPB: Thanks! I'll be here when you're done with your break. :)

@dethbakin: Thank you. :)
I know you know firsthand how I feel--attribute spaces! Entities! Craziness!

honey my heart said...

you can get through this, mo! hopefully there is a free weekend in your future!

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

"George Banks moments" LOL. That is so the perfect way to describe the last couple of pre-wedding months. I'm sorry you are hitting a rough patch, Mo! I swear it will all be worth it in the end. Deep breaths, deep breaths. :)

Bells said...

Glad you blogged about this because we all have days (or weeks!) like that.
Big hugs Mo and hope that pileup calms down soon.

Mo said...

Things did calm down, but I think it's the calm before the storm! I'm going to relish every last minute of it!

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