Some Glue+Some Plates=Cupcake Stands!

I took a trip to my local thrift store and picked up any pink or red plate I could find. And then I bought some epoxy and glued them on top of one another like this very famous craft. The red cake stand you see is not something I bought at the the thrift store, but from Target during Valentine's Day for $10 each. It was cheap enough, but for all of the other plates and cups in the photo I only paid $15! It is nice to pay so little after looking at cake stands for $100+ dollars. Of course, those stands aren't crooked with gray epoxy smeared on them...but $15!

[So...if you decide to this craft, please don't stack your ceramics lopsided like mine. Um...maybe no one will notice when it's full of cookies and cupcakes?]

[I'm also slightly annoyed with myself by not realizing that the epoxy is gray, and therefore visible to anyone looking closely at the stand. Again, nothing that a bunch of macarons obscuring the ugly grey goop can't fix!]

[The whole lot of them! So far I have nine plates, but I don't think even 100 cupcakes will fit on these, especially with some macarons taking up space. They are also kinda fun to make, so I'm tempted to make three more for twelve total.]

Roughly 50 more days to go. Cupcake stands, check!


ruthy ann said...

how unique! i dont think people will notice the grey when the plates are chock full of cupcakes!!

Miss Mayhem said...

Ooooohh!!! Those are really cool! I'm sure that the coolness of them will make the cupcakes look even more yummy!

Gaynor said...

They are so cool!

I would go with making 12 too!

Mo said...

Thank you everyone!
I bought some more plates and candle holders yesterday, it's going to be cake stand crazy.

Also, my cousin suggested I use some of the mountain of ribbons I bought at Michaek's (sale!) to hide the goop so I may be doing a little fine-tuning this weekend.

@Chic 'n Cheap Living: If I could only send you the sweets virtually! If you visit in September, we'll have to relive the dessert portion of the wedding.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

very, very cute! i so want to eat the macarons and cupcakes. i may crash the reception. ;)

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