Will Lollipops Melt?

I'm considering having one of these at each place setting, but I'm scared they will melt since we're outdoors in July. I might do a melt test this week with one. 
Other than the melting problem, cute no?

ADD: The caption for this item is kinda funny. 
Elegant Whirly pops in swirling red and white candy cane colors. These lollipops have a fabulous cherry flavor and feature a sturdy, longer-than-average stick that helps you enjoy them without accidentally licking the knuckles and fingers of your hand that holds the stick.

...does anyone accidentally lick her hand when licking a lollipop? I can't say that I have, but good to know that the stick is nice and long.



Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Hmm, they may get a bit sticky but I don't think it would melt outright.

very married said...

I think instead of melting, you'd have to worry about the humidity making them sticky... I guess it depends where in the country you are in July. KS/MO/NE/IA? no way. but maybe in arid Arizona.

Mo said...

@very married: hmmm good point about humidity! Fortunately we're in a dry climate so perhaps our guests won't be left in a sticky lollipop mess?

buhdoop said...

I think it needs to be really hot to melt outright, but I do think it will get really sticky, that could cause a mess its own with kids. You can have some wipes hands

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