Nothing Is Going To Change...I Think

Occasionally I get the question "Do you think anything is going to change when you get married?" and I am generally pretty honest and say "No...aside from me saying 'husband' instead of 'boyfriend' once in a while, I don't think anything is going to change."

Truth is, I pretty much already feel married. There are few people left in my life who knew me pre-boy. They call me "Mrs. HisName" at the grocery store and the bank. People greet us as one unit--"Hey! It's HisName and MyName." We live together, are on the same cell phone plan, aren't changing our names, and have a pet together. [Side note: Despite being attached at the hip, I've noticed in recent years, and maybe I already did this, that I try and distinguish myself from him as much as possible. As a simple example...there was an incident where I was buying running shoes, and without knowing I picked out the women's version of the shoes he had. He was thrilled ("Hey! You liked those too? So cool, we can match!") I on the other hand insisted on trying other shoes. End side note.]

But maybe I'm wrong. What do you think--does "being married" change a couple that has been together for a long time? What was different once you "tied the knot"?



Maggie said...

I felt the same way as you do, and for the most part, I think it's proven true. We are much more serious now when it comes to life-planning - offspring and real estate and what have you - but I think that's just as much a function of our age as our wedding last year. The one element that has surprised me has been with my in-laws - they really do feel like MY family now, in a way that wasn't quite concrete before.

Gaynor said...

Yeah I dont feel any different apart from now wearing another ring and people calling me Mrs!

Now that is weird, im changing my name but havent really got round to it yet properly!

We lived together and owned a flat before anyway so not a lot is different!

Bells said...

Interesting - I've been wondering the same thing. I can't imagine how things might be different since we've felt pretty secure in our relationship for a long time.

But then I have a sort of secret hope that there will be something different (not better or worse obvioulsy!) maybe just because I find the unknown quite exciting.

Let's all check back in a few months time!

Mo said...

@Maggie: That's a good point, the other day the boy told me I should read this genealogy report he did about his family, and then it really struck me--woah. I am now part of that family tree!

@Bells: Yes, let's! Who knows, maybe I'll magically be more like Martha Stewart than Liz Lemon once I get married.

Naw. :)

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