Digital super8: The Zumi Digital

[The Zumi Digital, from Photojojo]

I want to buy this and play with it.

It is a zumi digital, a fun toy from Japan that is being sold at Photojojo. It's digital but takes video and photos that have that vintage "I watch Wes Anderson movies and hang out in dark cafes with my copy of Dorian Gray" aesthetic. Take a look at the examples!

We are not hiring a videographer. The budget just can't handle it, and I don't think we really need a video if we have good photographs.

We will probably have someone sitting in the front row record our vows and speeches with something that has audio so my nasal monotone voice can be captured forever, but it'd be fun to have this little guy there too! It'd be fun to bring on the honeymoon too, right alongside my DSLR.

Are you having a videographer? Don't you want to take this little camera, ditch work, and play with it all afternoon at the beach?


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Yes! Beach please!

(cool cameras! we're going to a Halloween wedding this year and my husband is 'doing their video.')

just with our camera..., it's something they want to spend the money on either!

Oh, and hubby took OUR wedding video too!!! That's a story unto itself!!!

Ivana said...

how very-very cool! i didn't expect it could take video too!


oooh i love that! we aren't having a videographer either. originally we thought we didn't want and/or need one but a few weeks ago we freaked out because we didn't have one so we embarked on a mad rush to find one. in the end it's just too expensive so we're going to have someone record some of the ceremony and hopefully the introductions and hopefully a smidgen of the reception.

maybe if i get one of these, i'll have more volunteers :)

Mo said...

@Kelley: I want to know his secret!!

BEL said...

so cool! i've never seen these!

we don't have a videographer either -- sooo expensive. i think we'll buy my MOH and his BM little flip cameras to catch little snippets throughout the day. then ask someone with a real camera to video the ceremony.

hopefully it works!

Carol said...

That is too cool!

hyperartpro said...

That's pretty sweet! I have a film version that looks exactly like it, called the Ikimono.

The Ikimono is ok though, as it pretty much only works outdoors. The Zumi seems way cooler.

blushingjoy said...

That zumi camera looks cool!!! We're still considering the super 8 video but they're freakishly expensive. Difficult decisions.. I'm guessing now that it'll be one of our late decisions. I'm gonna check out the zumi camera now since it takes videos too. Thanks for this!

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