Returning the Shoes

Remember the shoes? Well, they're going back to the store. I have had five people (not in blog world) tell me that they don't match my dress and that I need something daintier, preferably with a heel, to match the gown. So, bye bye Kate Spade.

You were fun to look at while I had you.

My dress is coming at the end of September, so onward with the shoe hunt! If you see something that fits these parameters...you know who to contact!
-red (our main color), blush colored or light green or anything in the pastel family
-chunky heel
-preferably round toe

Today I tried these, which were super cute but 1) did not fit me (they don't do half sizes) and 2) were too dark of a color

I also adore the shoes from the super cute tree house wedding photographed by Ben Blood!
They are by Pink Studio (thank you Vintage Glam weddings!)--no surprise on why I like them, I already own three pairs of Pink Studio shoes. And look, they come in red! But they don't have them in my size! It's like Nordstroms is toying with me.

Why is this so hard? No one will even see them, right??


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Do you really have to say goodbye to Kate? Can't you save them for another day? I know, I'm a bad influence. Shoes are easy to buy when you don't have to buy them for a particular purpose!

Mo said...

@TPB: Ha! I could keep them, they're so sparkly that they'd be hard to say good bye to. But I have no need for sparkly shoes, unfortunately. I'm sure they'll sit on our kitchen table for a while before I manage to take them to the store.
I wouldn't call you a bad influence, just a very supportive one. :)

Krista said...

Wow, those red shoes are stunning.

Nordstrom's is definitely teasing you by not having your size!

honey my heart said...

i'm with TPB, please keep your pretty kate shoes. they're so so pretty, you can display them like art work ;) i do like the pink studio shoes in red. maybe stalk the nordstrom site for a while until it's available?

Tracy-Girl said...

Oh man... those shoes are really cute! But if you don't love them, good to return them! Too expensive to keep! Good luck with the search! Let us know what you find.

Bridechka said...

I kinda loved the kate's, they are super pretty. I'll keep my eyes peeled for ya ;)

chicncheap said...

Oh no good-bye to Kate? Those shoes are too cute. I love the blue shoes. Sigh, Anthropologie, you tease me...

Carly said...

Aww man, I was a fan of the kates. But only you know what will work for you. Good luck with the future search! You will find them, I know it!

Alberta said...

Wow!! Lovely shoes!! Red one is looking outstanding!! Nordstrom is really right place for buying best stuff...

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