Help me make our alter pretty

This is a picture of the layout for the ceremony. I was trying to scout other locations on site (there is a picnic area in the back with more trees,) because I always had this vision of beautiful flowers or ribbons hanging from trees. But if we moved the ceremony area, then you miss the rolling vineyards, and really, what's the point of getting married at a vineyard if you can't enjoy the scenery as much as possible?

As you can see, there are no trees to be married under in this picture. There is also nothing to hang items from. Do you have any suggestions on how to decorate the alter? I was thinking maybe we could have a fabric background, but how do I hang that up? Help!

[Image from Here Comes the Guide]


Tracy-Girl said...

I am the worst person ever to give advice, I feel like I lack so much creativity... but the only thing I could think of is maybe making use out of pillars? you could drape fabric over them and have them high enough so they were taller than everyone!

Mo said...

@Tracy-Girl: Thanks for the suggestion Tracy! That's not a bad suggestion at all! Maybe instead of pillars we could use ladders and drape fabric over them. Right now in my head that looks silly, but I wonder if it looks silly in real life...

PDX Bride said...

A lot of times you can rent archways for not very much money. . . don't know if you want to be that traditional, but they always look nice. I like the idea of your ladders . . . but they would probably need to look antique looking . . . maybe those ones that are just a bar ladder and not the hinged two sided ones.

chicncheap said...

How about tall curly willow or cherry blossom branches? Or I wish I could remember exactly, but some types of industrial shelves are sometimes used for chuppahs and can be covered very nicely with fabrics.

How about weighted balloons for a fun elements?

PDX Bride said...

Or what about a couple potted trees??

Mo said...

@CNC and @PDX: Thanks for all the suggestions!
I was contemplating an archway or a chuppah, the chuppah sounded complicated to DIY so I'd definitely need more help with that.
I love the tree idea. And I love cherry blossoms. We're also 80% sure we're doing potted plants as centerpieces, so it follows the theme! Now to do some research, thanks girls!

Mo said...

Wow potted trees are expensive! But pretty!
WHAT IF I covered a wire frame with paper flowers?

PDX Bride said...

Save on Crafts is cheap, but make sure you check out the price of shipping before you make any decisions!! It still may be cheaper for potted trees!

Mo said...

@PDX Bride: I seem to always forget those pesky fees. Thanks for the tip!
@chicncheap: Now that I think about it, balloons would be super cheap and easy and cute. I could probably just bring balloons there and see what they look like!

blushingjoy said...

Hmmm, I was going to suggest leaving the area just as it is??? But decorating the walkway and chairs where you're be walking down the aisle. I'm guessing the rolling vineyards view are behind me (as I'm looking at the photo) so that would be the main focus??

Mo said...

@blushingjoy: Good thinking--actually the florist I met today thought the same! I think I might save myself the headache and just decorate the aisle.

Thanks for everyone's input!

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