My Sister's Wedding: Venue and Decor

The decor was minimal, but the venue (Studio 450) was so nice that I don't think much was needed!

[This mirror was located at the entrance.]

[Everything was WHITE. The colors were black, white and yellow, but the white really dominated because the ceiling, walls, and floor were all stark white. It was her friend's idea to have black and white chairs, and I think it turned out great!]

[A closeup shot of sister 1's great work! The bouquet looked gorgeous.]

[The centerpieces were designed by my sister's friend/coordinator. There are three vases with flowers and lemons, two sets were at each table for a total of six. I made the table numbers from spray painting bamboo skewers black, printing the numbers on cardstock, and gluing them on with krazy glue. If, for some reason you have "painting skewers" on your list of things to do in the future, I recommend buying wood skewers! The bamboo was so slick that it took forever to glue! So even though it looks very simple, it took a long time to make.]

[The view on the East side]

[The room set up for dinner, a view of the Hudson on the west]

Next up, the ceremony!


honey my heart said...

such a beautiful location! i love the simplicity of black and white. and the views are amazing!

Carol said...

That venue looks so similar to mine here in Seattle! I'd love to see more pictures because I am going for a look like that too.

Bridechka said...

Oh man, I love studio 450! Its a great location. Looks absolutely lovely.

chicncheap said...

Mo, love the decor! Are your sister and I wedding twins? Hope you had fun in NYC!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

This is absolutely stunning! I love it all!

Mo said...

@Carol: I'll post more. =)

@chicncheap: I don't think so--what day was your big day?? Sister 2's was last Friday, 8.14. PS: Really excited about your recaps!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

LOVe the loft space. It's beautiful. You're right, not much decor needed b/c it speak for itself! And I love the flowers. Beautiful.

miss.t said...

what a lovely space!!!!! i LOVE all the white!

Carly said...

i love all the details! so chic and pretty :)

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