My Sister's Wedding: The Food

The food was AMAZING, and my taste buds know food. It was catered by my sister's sister-in-law, who is the chef at Organika.

[The servers were so nice and kept coming up to me and asking if I wanted one, and I kept saying no because my hands would get greasy and I didn't want to touch the camera after. Now I wish I had just had someone stuff one in my mouth!]

[This was a vegetarians' paradise. I believe there are six different salads in this picture.]

[The kitchen was right around the corner from where they served the food, which was convenient for the servers, and for us so we could ogle the food before it made it to the dining room!)

[My sister did not really have cake, hence no cake-cutting. At the end of the night, they served coffee and had these adorable mini-cupcakes from Baked by Melissa which were DELICIOUS. OH EM GEE. An entire box was forgotten, so we had a whole box filled with these peanut butter cupcakes while we were cleaning up, and this is the picture I took of them. Oh my.]

Next up...the groom's speech!


honey my heart said...

mmm mouthwatering! everything looks so delicious, and six salads... wow :)great photos!

Landlocked Bride said...

That food looks absolutely delicious. I'm drooling right now because I'm so hungry!

miss.t said...

YUM...especially those mini-cupcakes!!!

Rocki said...

The peanut butter ones were the best, lucky girl!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Ok, I'm really hungry now!! Those cupcakes look divine....almost too pretty to eat. I said almost.

Foxywedding said...

Nice to "meet you too"! Thanks for popping by!

The food at your sister's wedding looks AMAZING! The bruschetta in the picture is making me wish a PB&J sandwich was not in my future.

Carol said...

YUM!!! Please send some of that up to Seattle!

Heather said...

Looks amazing! I am hungry now. :)

Jessamyn Harris said...

oh, WOW! that food is amazing!!

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