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Can you believe it's September? I hope everyone is doing well and gearing up for the Fall. I know that I want Summer to leave. It's just way too hot and since I still work during the Summer, there's really no reason to hold onto it. Here's what's up in my neck of the woods.

+I'm going to Seattle for a week at the end of September. I haven't been to Seattle since I was...8? If you have any restaurant recommendations for the solo traveler--send them my way! I eat everything.

+We booked our caterer! Everything is really coming together now. The menu is Italian-themed--bruschetta, steak crostini, a pasta bar, berry and feta salad, shrimp+prosciutto, mango+brie quesadilla, grilled vegetables--the tasting was really good, and I'm happy with our decision. We're also having a lemonade and punch bar (above.)

Since we're having children at the wedding, we're also happy that they are willing to make different food for the kiddies--chicken fingers and pb&j--if needed.

+Our parents booked a restaurant for a Chinese banquet and tea ceremony a week after the wedding in northern California. With 300 guests. It's gotten to the point where it's clear this is going to be like having two weddings in two different cities with two different sets of guest lists. I've dubbed our events as 'wedding #1' and 'wedding #2'.

A conversation between me and my Dad.
Me: "300??! How do you know there are going to be that many people?"
D: "Oh, we counted our friends and family."
Me: "But... what about our friends?"
D: "What friends?"


So, I'm on the hunt for cheongsam ideas and I also need a red or pink evening gown to change into.

A conversation between me and my Mom.

Me: So...red or pink? Floor length? With straps or sleeves?
Mom: Yes, no strapless! No black, red or pink. Y'know, you can just wear something you already have.
Me: Mom, in what fashion world do I have a floor length red gown just sitting around in my closet?
Mom: {chuckles} Well, I don't know what you young girls buy these days!



Rocki said...

Lucky girl! We love Seattle, and there are a lot of great restaurants there. The one that's been on my radar most recently is Delancey, Molly Wizenberg's husband's new pizza place. If you get the chance, go for me and tell me how it is!

hyperartpro said...

Chez Shea! It is so beautiful to eat in there. At night you can stare out the window from above right at Pike Place, all glittery and reflective from the rain/washing up of the marketplace.

The food is so good, the wine and cheese are excellent, the service is even better. It is a tiny, dainty restaurant.

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree on Chez Shea... Also, Teatro Zinzanni is a lot of fun, if you have someone there to go with. Paseo's if you want yummy Caribbean. Canlis, if you and your fiance feel like dressing to the nines.

Something tells me you're a little more eclectic though... Andaluca or Black Bottle, for nice tapas. Go to the Capitol Hill, Fremont or Ballard neighborhoods, I think you'll find restaurants in an atmosphere you'll enjoy.

If you want authentic Seattle burgers, go to Dick's at 1-2am after you've finished your night out, and there you will find some old-fashioned burgers and milkshakes that are CHEAP! Expect a line, as always... and bring cash! It's nothing special, but I think most Seattlelites have eaten a Dick's burger.

Carol said...

Ohh you're coming to Seattle! FUN!!! Any Tom Douglas restaurant and you will be happy. Palace Kitchen is my fave. Email me if you want any more recs! :)

Mollie D said...

You're wedding menu sounds fabulous!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

ohmygosh. you are having 2 weddings!! i love the punch and lemonade bar at wedding #1. and i'm dying over the convo's between your parents re: wedding #2. at least you will get to strut your stuff in a cheongsum!

Mo said...

Thanks for all of the recommendations! I'll be alone in Seattle, so dining might not be as enjoyable but I'll try and make it out to a few good restaurants.

@TPB: I knew you'd appreciate those convos. =)
I better start practicing how to walk like a mummy. The last time I wore one I could barely move!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that if you're traveling for work, they'll set you up somewhere downtown.

Your best bet is the Capitol Hill neighborhood since it's right next to downtown, within reasonable walking distance. It caters to its predominantly urban, liberal, young (mid-twenties), and gay demographic. There are cool bars, great cafes, and many gay bars/clubs.

In the Bowl Vegan Thai Restaurant is a favorite for the "hip" set. It features some of the most amazing food I've ever eaten. Try the "Melting Culture"! You won't be sorry. Most things on the menu are super-spicy, so order 1-2 stars below your normal spice level. ;) Spicy Coconut Milk Noodles and Tokyo Noodles are great!

Since you like Italian, try La Spiga. You won't be sorry!

Some famous cafes you should try: Bauhaus or Vivace.

And try Molly Moon's Ice Cream-- Strawberry Balsamic is a personal favorite!

Don't forget to visit Pike Place Market! Cafe Campagne and Chez Shea are there... I'd feel comfortable dining at Campagne alone, but not Chez Shea. I's really beautiful though... You and your fiance will have to come back! :)

blushingjoy said...

Heyyyyy, your wedding is like mine now. Mine is in the process of evolving into 2 weddings, shockingly. But that's awesome you've finally got your caterer!!

Heather said...

Do you have any videographer suggestions? We still don't have one and I need a cheap one!

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