My Sister's Wedding: Portraits

Before I dive into the pictures, I just wanted to say that my sister's wedding would not have been possible without all of our friends and family. The bouquet she's holding in the photo was made by sister 1. All the centerpieces were made by friends and us the day of. The food was cooked by her sister-in-law, who is the chef at Organika, a new restaurant in the West Village. The coordinator was my sister's old friend who basically did everything, from transporting the flowers to delegating jobs at the end of the night. The invites were designed by my sister's co-worker and friend. And where was I at 1 that night? Picking up bear grass off the venue floor and stacking the vases back into boxes. In the end, I'm so glad everything came together so well.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! I'm so glad it's over, because being the photographer is stressful!

This is probably the only candid shot of me the entire day. This is right before we posed for a portrait. Sister 1 (on the right) joked that I was probably telling them how tired I was, while she was checking on the bouquet she had made.

And then we took this picture:

[Me, sister 2, sister 1]
More pictures to come!

[Studio 450, New York City]


honey my heart said...

what wonderful photos, mo. your sister is glowing :) i love her dress. favorite portraits have to be of the couple sitting down and of the three sisters :)

Westside Wedding said...

Your sister looks so pretty! your other sister did such a great job on the bouquet, I had never seen craspedias before until my wedding planning & now I love them!

Mollie D said...

I think they look awesome, I can't wait to see more. Your sister's dress is so great! Sisters rule.

Carol said...

Great pictures, congrats to your sis!


you did a great job! the photos are amazing and all of you girls looked wonderful. welcome back! :)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

What a gorgeous family you make! These are stunning.

And I love the groom's shorts :)

Mo said...

Thanks everyone!

@K: Ha! I was wondering when someone was going to notice that! We were all wondering what the guests would think about his shorts, but I don't think anyone really noticed since it was so hot!

Carly said...

Your sis looks beautiful!!

blushingjoy said...

Your sister looks gorgeous on the day!!! You took some amazing pictures Mo! Well done!!

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