My Hair and Makeup Trial

I was looking for a hair and makeup person for a while.
I asked my stylist, whom I adore, but she said that she didn't do weddings.
I asked another salon, that actually did do weddings, but didn't sound very excited to have my business.
I contacted several people, including a very popular and well-known vendor in San Diego, and none of them replied to my emails.
I asked a contact who had gotten married last year, but she had a friend from the OC come to San Diego.
I even had help from The Professional Bridesmaid (thank you!) to find someone in Socal.
And of course, I thought of doing it myself.

After getting nowhere on my usual sources of information (blogs!) I went to Yelp and poked around a little. I found Uyen Tran on page 5 when I typed in "wedding makeup and hair", so I immediately booked a consultation with her and then a trial.

I think the trial went great! Uyen was totally prepared with two carts of makeup, and she was really flexible with my critiques ("can we wipe off the white eyeliner? maybe if you made the shadow lighter it'd look more natural, no? could we make my lip and blush color darker and tone down the eyes?") I'm glad she was so patient, and even though I had five layers of makeup on after THREE HOURS of trying on different shades I liked, I loved how everything looked.

Are you ready to see pictures, including a horrendous picture of me with absolutely no makeup on whatsoever?

My hair inspiration
[Thanks to Lilies and Grapes for the inspiration pic!!]

My makeup inspiration
[Pink lips, pink cheeks, fake lashes please! Ah Lucy, why ya gotta be so pretty?]

My hair before

My hair after!

[We're going to have to add an extension to make it look fuller on the side, but I like how it looks "messy", that's exactly what I asked for! I'll also be searching for a flower, this one was just swiped from one of the bushes on the street.]

My makeup!
[It's heavy here because this was taken after layering so many colors on my face until I found a combination I liked. It will be lighter the day of.]

The before and after shots, indoors

I haven't officially booked her yet--but I want to! What do you think--do I need the hair extension to make it fuller? Any suggestions on the type of fabric flower I should use?


chicncheap said...

Wow, you look great! My vote for book her! I don't think you need extensions - it seems to have good poof.

How about sweet peas? I saw one on eBay but it disappeared.

Heather said...

You should have emailed me!

I had a horrible trial in San Diego...

I have another one in two weeks with someone who seems amazing on email and my wedding planner recommends.

You look beautiful! I love the hair and makeup and if you love it then go for it! The extension is a good idea if you want lots of fullness.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

You look GORGEOUS!!! I love how soft your hair and makeup look! No need for extensions, I think it looks great as it. Book her! I think what's even more important is that you got a long with her and she listened to you.

Re: fabric flower. Since you have lots of time to find the perfect one...just keep your eyes open. Are you going to do a veil too?

anna and the ring said...

Love it, you look gorgeous. I don't think you'll need any extra hair. Hair and make-up - check!

Mo said...

@chicncheap: Sweetpeas are pretty! I think I might need a smaller flower like that to compensate for lack of pouf.

@Heather: Ack! I'm sorry you had a bad makeup trial. I hope the second one goes better. I'll PM you, we can swap notes.

@TPB: No veil...although I was almost swayed by one salon when they plopped it on my head and I had the "OMG I'M GETTING MARRIED" moment. But I think just the fabric flower will suffice. =)

Westside Wedding said...

My vote is to book her too! You look beautiful! love love your makeup & hair!!!

Krista said...

It looks great - natural and beautiful!

miss.t said...

Your hair and makeup is lovely! You are going to be a gorgeous bride. :)

Brandy said...

Love it!

ashley said...

absolutely beautiful! you will make a gorgeous bride. I do not think the extensions are needed.

honey my heart said...

wow you look beautiful!! love the hair, it looks so fun. and the make up is so pretty :) yay.

The Thirty-Something bride said...

You do look fabulous, dahling!

blushingjoy said...

You look absolutely amazing!! I love love love the after picture of you. And guess what, I have that hair picture in my inspiration folder too!! It looks gorgeous on you!!!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely get extensions to make the bun look fuller. It looks beautiful, but it will look more beautiful when it's bigger! Uyen has done my hair and makeup for photoshoots, and I always end up looking beautiful all day long!

Lilas Conuts said...

Hello from Nouméa
Beautiful !!

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