The Boy Has a Birthday + Happy Monday

I love these new shoes of mine, and yesterday I paired them with these purple tights for the boy's birthday at Sushi Ota, which you should all try if you're in the area (just make a reservation at the sushi bar!) He absolutely loved it--a no-fuss, sake-filled gourmet birthday without any cheesy singing.

[Top: salmon belly and unknown white fish, Middle: red bean ice cream, Bottom: stuffed persimmon, organic vegetables, lobster, urchin mixed with spicy cod, and a cracker with sardine eyes (no joke!)]

I was reminiscing about his very first birthday with me. We had just started dating, and I gathered people together for a party, even though I didn't know anyone. Back then I didn't obsessively take pictures of my food so I don't remember the exact details, but if I tried to organize something after only dating for one month, I must have really liked him. :)

Hope everyone has a great week!


Gina said...

Yum! This all looks delish and your shoes are adorable!

honey my heart said...

happy birthday to the boy :) the salmon belly looks too yummy!!

BigAppleNosh said...


Brandi said...

Looks like an amazing birthday dinner. I've been to Sushi Ota before and it really is fantastic.
The first time I took my boyfriend out for his birthday was 3 weeks after our first date. We went into NYC to my favorite Tibetan restaurant (now his favorite restaurant too) and then down to Little Italy for cheesecake (his favorite) at Ferrara's. I think I really won him over that day.

Mo said...

Thanks everyone! :)

@Brandi: That's so sweet, cheesecake always wins me over, but I'm not sure I've tried Tibetan food before? I wonder if there is a Tibetan place in San Diego.

the southern hostess said...

What an amazing meal!

Creature Gorgeous said...

Love the shoes!!! And I am so jealous of the sushi!!!! That's what I want to eat as my first meal after delivery!

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