Japan Honeymoon: Exploring Kyoto, the last day

Our last day in Kyoto was spent at Kikusui Ryokan where we had a traditional kaiseki meal. The boy told me this was supposed to have a garden view, but I had no idea we would have our very own room with such a beautiful garden. It was quite romantic of him, he planned where to go and had help from the owner at our hotel. They chose this place because she said I would like the view (thanks Hisako!)

I have to admit, I have no idea what I ate for 75% of the meal, so please excuse my lame excuse at captions. Onto the food!

[I didn't want to make any noise because it was dead quiet in there. We were scared to move because shuffling around made too much noise.]

[Noodles...squid?...and.....leeks?? I don't know, but I ate it!]

[Aha, this is lavender on top. However, everything else underneath is unidentifiable to me...]

[This was so pretty, much better than that sheet of paper I get when I order a taco at Rubio's.]

[Again, I wish I could tell you what this is! But the green thing is in the shape of a leaf!]

[Mo conquers fish.]

[Tempura in a cute little basket]

[The grapes in Japan were SO GINORMOUS! And they peeled them for us!]


[A closer look at the beautiful garden]

[A fond farewell to Japan]

Well, this *sniff* concludes my honeymoon recaps. While the boy and I trudge along in workaholic mode *sniff*, we continue to dream of our next vacation.

Where's your next dream vacation?


BigAppleNosh said...

Such an entertaining post! I'd love to try all the different food in Japan someday :)

the southern hostess said...

What a gorgeous meal and an incredible experience!

honey my heart said...

the food presentation is just too good! what a lovely experience to have.

Mo said...

Thanks everyone. :)
It was quite the experience.

joyce said...

Omg, that place looks amazing!! And all the food you guys had are sooo pretty!!!

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