Our Donated Wedding Flowers

[Our flowers, ready for a new home!]

[All packed up in the mini-van]

[A Blooms From the Heart volunteer dropping the flower pots off at a local nursing home, photos courtesy of Blooms From the Heart]

As recommended by our florist Rae Florae, we donated our mini potted roses to Blooms From the Heart. It was super easy to work with them. I just left the flowers under the tent, they came and picked them up, and brought them to a local nursing home. If you're having a wedding in San Diego, I highly recommend working with them as it was a piece of cake and you know your flowers are going to a worthy new home!

But, if you are donating, I also recommend making an announcement at the reception! What I didn't anticipate was that people actually wanted to take the flower pots home. Back in 2009 at my sister's wedding, I was begging people to take flowers. Pleading. A couple of people even gave me attitude. As a result, flowers got trashed.

But at our wedding, I had to ask my Mom and sisters to request that people put a couple of the pots back, as I had told the organization we would have 75-90 pots for them. We ended up donating 25, but probably could have donated more if I had said something (whoops, my bad).

In any case, if you can, donate your flowers! Ours ended up in a very happy home.


honey my heart said...

how awesome that the flower had a new home and new people to enjoy them :)

mariposa8487 said...

I am sorry that my husband stole your flowers :) (I told him not to). :) I hope you guys are well.

Nina B. said...

What a great idea!

Mo said...

@mariposa8487: Awww no I'm actually very flattered that he wanted to take them and am glad he did!

I forgot to mention in my post that despite grabbing pots out of my grandmother's hands at the reception (sorry Popo,) I am pretty flattered people wanted to bring them home as I thought they would just be an afterthought for our guests. I kept being told by people that "no one will notice [insert wedding detail here]" so it was rewarding to have people take notice!

Brandi said...

That's really sweet you donated the flowers. I've seen people practically FIGHT over flowers at weddings -- it's so strange. But I think donating them is a much better way to go.

Anonymous said...

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