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Well girls and a few boys, it's officially the holiday season. *cue the bells chiming* Despite my holiday blues and inordinate amount of time spent lying in bed, I take refuge in the visual feast of gift wrap, ornaments, pretty baked goods, glittering lights, and trees that have proliferated all of the retail spaces I like to call my third place. I swear, any holiday that promotes hot chocolate, velvet wrapping paper, and loads of glitter gets two thumbs up from me.

My first piece of business on my holiday to-do list? Gift tags!

[Tag from Cardstore.com, design by Sweet Street Gals]

Cardstore.com had me choose a gift tag to review, and I chose this adorable design from Sweet Street Gals, a creative duo that has the cutest of designs. Check out their blog for more!

For $15, you receive
1. 25 gift tags, 2 x 3 (about the size of a business card), with color on both sides
2. Options for personalization (in some cases a photo, and your signature)
3. a case to carry your cards

I used it to decorate my first wrapped present (I LOVE wrapping presents!) to my niece:

[This case keeps them safe.]

[And here is the back of the card, which I think is just as cute as the front]

For those of you still hemming and hawing about where to get your paper goods, here's my two cents about cardstore.com:

+Love love love the design choices from a lot of different designers
+I also appreciate the good amount of "holiday" vs. "Christmas" designs
+I really liked the design I chose, especially that there are two sides of color
+The packaging was really cute, with a sturdy box and the carrying case shown above
+All of the printing is eco-conscious. For more details, see here.
+Changing the photo and text was easy on their website.
+Hooray for Berkeley, California companies!

+I would have liked a heavier weight, and I realize that it probably isn't printed on a heavier weight because 1. then you can't punch a hole through it and string ribbon through if you want to, and 2. the price point would go up, and 3. it makes it harder to put the tag on a fridge, if the recipient wants your pretty faces on the fridge with other cards. Maybe another option for designs on, say, a kraft board or thicker spongier paper, would be a nice addition to the collection?

+I think the tag is a little small, but maybe that's just because I think we're really cute and it's hard to tell on the tag. :)

Overall, cute product that will bring more holiday cheer to all your wrapped goodies this season.


honey my heart said...

those are the cutest gift tags ever! great job, mo. also love the wrapping :)

Brandi said...

These are so cute! What a seriously good idea for gifts, especially when you have a whole lot of them to wrap.

Mo said...

Thanks girls!! I like them too.

I'm a fan of the sparkly twine I got for the present (yay Target!), it reminds me of a disco ball. Sadly, only a short string of it came on the roll. :(

Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...

Those are so cute! And I love the wrapping job!

Also, how fun that your grandmother lives in Sunnyvale! You should totally go with your family to see the lights. :) It's a lot of fun.

I just read your post about the long-distance marriages, and it was really interesting! I think about that sometimes, since eventually I'd like to teach at the college level and J is pretty settled here, where industry is the biggest. (Or maybe San Diego, I guess.) The Modern Love essay was really interesting. I had so many questions! I wondered why she referred to putting your career first as the 'adult' thing, and whether her child grew up knowing her father for the first three years of life. So interesting!

Mo said...

@Kelly: Thank you so much!

I'm glad you liked the Modern Love piece and my blog post! I think it's a pretty interesting discussion about being able to follow your career but be married at the same time. I still ponder the "what ifs" myself, but for now am happy to be home when the boy gets back from the lab.

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