Mo+Boy Tie the Knot: Thank You Readers

[Our sweetheart table, the wreaths we made still in place]

[The tent glowing after the sun went down]

Well Pink Argyle readers, like all good things, my wedding recaps are coming to an end. Tragically, for the most part, you will now have to read *dun dun dun* about my very boring everyday life. It involves a cat and a lot of sitting at a computer.

I'm honestly a little sad. So many of you have loyally followed along, lent advice and support along the way, and kept me sane in my craziest of moments. No one else quite understands how it is conceivably possible to have a freak-out about a cake topper or have your budget busted because your dress doesn't fit. For that, I'm so grateful you understand. It's been totally fun. And even more fun when I could share it with you all. Thank you.

Planning a wedding? Have fun with it, and try not to stress so much about keeping up with the Joneses (or the Changs.) In the end, you'll still be married and your friends and family will still love you, with or without ice sculptures or swans waddling around the tulip border.

I leave you with some photos I took the day after the wedding. Normal, everyday Mo posts to commence shortly!


[I put my beautiful bouquet in water. I loved that huge peony so much, and the next day it really blossomed open.]

[One detail I never shared--this is the notebook I bought for our officiant to hold. Our vows and the transcript for the ceremony are written inside, and I think I might use it as a scrap book for the polaroids and notes people wrote at the wedding. I glued the ribbon to front and back to have it match our theme.]

[Our 65 leftover cupcakes. Holy cupcake, Batman!]



ruthy ann said...

whew...so glad you're not LEAVING for good!

Mo said...

@ruthy ann: Awww too sweet. Thank you. :)
Nope, not going anywhere, I love blogging too much, despite my increasing work load!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Whoa I was afraid you were leaving too! We still look forward to you fun finds!

joyce said...

Goodness me, I saw you title and thought you were closing your blog!! Phew!! Thank God you're staying!! :)

BigAppleNosh said...

Phew! Glad you're not leaving! :)

Mo said...

Uh-oh haha, I think I left the "Farewell" part because I had some content about saying good bye to guests--but then I deleted it. It's gone now from the title! Hopefully there is less confusion!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

the Changs...lol. I can't believe the recaps have come to an end. Thank you for sharing your journey with us Mo. I really felt like part of it!

Mo said...

@The Professional Bridesmaid: Haha...glad someone got the joke.
Awww I loved sharing everything with you guys. Happy you all liked the journey. :)

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