Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you to my coworkers, who did not finish the pumpkin tart (above) I brought for yesterday's party. Mmmmmm....

(For your own pumpkin tart, visit Opera Patisserie in Sorrento Valley.)

I'm going to be spending time with the boy tomorrow at Disneyland, where we're spending Thanksgiving dinner at Blue Bayou and eating Mickey beignets. I can't wait to spend some quality time together before the work rush hits us both before the holiday season. Oy.

Happy Thanksgiving my lovely readers! Hope it's full of lots of good food and loved ones.


honey my heart said...

not a bad way to spend thanksgiving :) have a great one!

Brandi said...

That looks gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving, my dear!

Gaynor said...

Hope you enjoy Disneyland; we are off to Disneyworld next week which is very excited about! Say hi to Mickey!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Lucky! Have a Mickey beignet for me!

Lourdes said...

Have a great Thanksgiving! Yummy to the beignets:) Have 3 for me please. Thanks!

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