You Don't Look Like A Spouse

"You don't look like a spouse."

That's honestly what someone just said to me when meeting me for the first time. I was introduced as the boy's wife, and this is what that person decided to say to me. Not hi. Not nice to meet you. Not what's up? He decided to address me with clearly the most logical greeting you would give someone you just met: "You don't look like a spouse."

Le sigh. I've complained about looking young on here before (I'm pretty sure that's what this person was referring to, unless of course he thought I looked like no one would possibly want to marry me, then that's an entirely different complaint,) and I'm constantly told it's a compliment, but really, I don't know when it's a compliment when the person thinks I look like I'm in high school. One embarrassing time in high school when I was on a date, the person at the ticket counter assumed I needed a child's ticket. Mmmm...compliment? I think not.

Has anyone ever told you you're too young to be married?


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I get it all the time... people always think I am in high school and that my husband is my older brother. I am a little under 5 feet tall, so I just look so young. But one day... it will pay off for both of us :)

Naomi said...

Yep I get it too. The other day at work I had someone think I was 18 or younger. For a long time, people at my work thought I was an intern. Great! So along with that come the comments about being too young to be married. You aren't the only one.

BigAppleNosh said...

No one's ever told me that, but I kinda wish they did! I must just look old ;)

ruthy ann said...

ha! I wish i did!

MayLove said...

I get told I look young a lot, and it doesn't help that I work for a company where most people have worked here longer than I've been alive. Never told that I looked too young to be married though.

Brandi said...

That's a phenomenally odd things for someone to say. I look younger than I am -- trust me, it pays off eventually.

Melificent said...

I'm a therapist & was conducting therapy with a middle schooler in his school library. A teacher came in and told us "two kids" to get back to class. I'm almost 30. I get'cha.

honey my heart said...

i think i've been told that i look like a college student, but not too young to be married. i'm not sure how i would react to that.

Miss C said...

Though I am not married I do have that same issue of looking way younger than I am. People assume I am up to 5 years younger than I am and while it will be flattering in the future when I am older and want to look younger, right now I just feel like it gives people more reason to not take me seriously. Everybody tells me I should just love it but honestly it bugs a bit. And now, when people do accurately guess my age I wonder why I looked older all of a sudden.
Oh life.

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