On Not Doing Chores

Chores are an issue in our home. I wish I could write that the boy does just as many chores as I do. I wish I could say that he actually knows how to clean the shower and that he cleans the litter box on a whim just to surprise me. I'll admit, I think he's better than some--he'll take out the trash, vacuum, do his own laundry. But it's minimal work, and as a result, I've just stopped caring as much too. What has happened is that neither one of us puts much effort into making our apartment more...homey. It makes me explode periodically.

This week, in an effort for more chore equity, the boy made a Google spreadsheet with all the chores that needed to be done. [This is how much we're tied to our computers. While I was doing work at home, and he was doing work at work, we were chatting in Google docs and filling this spreadsheet out online. I'm sure normal people would sit down with a pad and pen. In the same room. Face to face.]

So far, the cat has finished her chores (cuddling and cleaning herself) but I'm slowly working through mine. I think I managed to take out the trash and do some laundry. *pats self on back*

How do you divide up chores? Anyone track your chores on Google docs like us nerds? How do people keep their homes clean??


Brandi said...

I used to make chore charts all the time when I was young, dividing the housework between me, my mother, my brother, and my father. I was the only one who ever did them. When my boyfriend and I are together, we don't have trouble splitting a lot of things, but I still might do the majority of the work. I'm not sure, since we haven't lived together yet. But if we need to start tracking them, I'll definitely be starting a google doc.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Mr. Spend 'n Chomp does the dishes and that is about it. I do most everything else which is not a good thing because I hate (don't do) the floor nor dust. We have used a maid a few times for bathrooms and floors. We do live in SE Asia now though so 2 hours of cleaning costs the same as a decent lunch for 2 (so you can see why we just call her in sometimes)

MayLove said...

UGH! We're in the same spot! There are a few chores hubby is "able" (or willing) to do, but actually getting him to do them on a reasonable time frame is nearly impossible. For a while we split them up, and swapped weeks (i do dishes this week, you do them next week). However I still ended up with a heavier load (he claims he "can't" clean bathrooms or dust), and we would forget whose week it was to do what - and ended up fighting more than ever. Step two was assigning tasks for each person to do every week, but his methods don't mesh with mine. He'll leave the dishes in the sink for days until the pile is so high you can't function. Then my head explodes, and I end up doing them. He claims this isn't intentional, but I don't know. The spreadsheet sounds like a great idea. I'm giving serious thought to a "gold star" system. That's how pathetic the situation is. I'm glad we're not the only ones having this issue!

Mo said...

@Brandi: That is super cute! You should break out the little Brandi chore charts for when you move in together.

@Chic 'n Cheap: I don't really do floors either, and dusting only happens when I have a random sock, so I feel you. I get super lazy and wish I just had a random room to stuff all the junk in!

@MayLove: Good to know I'm not alone. :)
It's tough, I know, we try to split everything too but it just doesn't end up equal in the end in terms of housework. Gold stars, now that's something I hadn't thought of haha.

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