Cute Idea: Flipbooks

[Image from Martha Stewart]

I think a flipbook as a save the date, thank you, or any occasion card is a super cute and creative idea. I had never heard about FlipClips, which turns 30 second videos into flipbooks, but now I really want to make one! Probably not for anything for the wedding, but maybe this is a project I can make my baby niece for her birthday.

While we're on the topic of Save the Dates--do you think guests appreciate them, or do you think it's just something they'll end up tossing in the recycler? The boy is arguing that they are completely and utterly useless since people will eventually receive an invitation.


blushingjoy said...

Cute idea!

I think Save the Dates are useful in some ways. We've decided to only send them to our outstation guests just so they can plan the trip if they need to i.e. take leave, look out for great deals on flights and accomodation etc.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

FlipClips is so cool!!! I so want to make one too.

I think Save the Dates are helpful if you're getting married during a popular month (or you have friends getting married all at the same time or your wedding requires traveling. I don't think they're useless, but if you have a small guest list, I think email might suffice...you could still do something funky like a video or a funky invite.

Mo said...

Thanks for the input!
You've convinced me to have them and ignore the boy's taunting since
1. most of our guests will be from out of time
2. it will be a holiday weekend (july 4th)

It will help guests organize their plans. Now it's just a matter of making them and when to send them out!

anko said...

I have never gotten a "save the date" before. We just got a phone call/email to remind us of the date before the actual invite came, and that was enough. I think an email with a cute collage type thing (like the one you did of your engagement) would be nice for just the "save the date". ... It'll save some money too that you can use for something else in the wedding!!

Mo said...

Hm. Now there's an interesting thought...maybe it can be an attachment the person can easily print out if they want to, as if they had received it via snail mail.

I would say half of our guests use email frequently (that's about...50 people) so the other half (another 50) would need the print version.

But yes, this does cut down on print costs, and postage. 42 cents adds up! Thanks for the input Anko. ;)

angie b. said...

those flipbooks are really cute!

i am a big fan of save the dates! i say yes if there is enough time between now and your wedding. btw, great blog! :)

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Oh Mo...I know you're a crafty at heart! ;) make the 'save the dates!' and then share with us!

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