I like to press the boy's buttons with my supposedly "weird" ideas about our wedding. He's definitely the more traditional one. I mentioned that maybe pink or purple would be a fun wedding dress color, and he basically looked at me with wide eyes and said "you wouldn't" as if I had just threatened to release some deadly plague or tell him what happened in the episode of Lost he just missed. "You do remember my parents will be there, right?"

And then there was the discussion about how we would walk down the aisle, in which I suggested we walk down together instead of having him stand at the alter. That idea didn't fly either, BUT I'm slowly making progress (one annoying day at a time)! I think he just ignored me completely when I suggested I wait at the alter for him.

Changing our names? I asked if he wanted to combine our names. If you combine our last names, it ends up being an actual Chinese name (score!) Unfortunately he wasn't as excited about that as I was, so it's not happening. But what we might do as a compromise, since neither one of us has a middle name and does not want to give up our existing last names, is take the other's last name as our middle. Confusing, isn't it? So I would be Mo Hislastname Mylastname.

"Why do you insist on being different?"
Um, I'm sorry, I thought that's why you loved me? And, because I'm cute and don't hog the blankets?

BUT out of all of the wedding traditions the one that I really really want is to cut the cake. All the others I'm a little iffy about (ok I know that I don't want the bouquet or garter toss, unless someone can convince me otherwise!)

I think I really like it because of its symbolism. You're slicing into something sweet, a commemorative nod to sweet beginnings and your new married life together.

Or maybe it's because I just really like cake.


Brandy said...

When we decided on what were doing he came up to me a couple of days later and went..."So...how are we doing the cake?" I told him we probably weren't but knowing it's something he really wanted I might try to have just a little cake made under the guise of birthday or anniversary cake seeing as it only has to serve 16 people!

honey my heart said...

walking down the aisle together is a great idea. it's like taking your first steps together, towards marriage, equally :) hope you figure out something that you're both happy with. and yay for cake!

blushingjoy said...

I love how you can make a tradition your own. I'm thinking of doing a light skip while walking down the aisle. Mr R didn't seem to mind but I think my dad would frown at that idea. He's not a skipper.

That's a really nice symbolism of cake cutting. I didn't know about that. :)

Rosanna said...

You have to have a bouquet toss so I can catch it! Pretty please =)

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

lol. you had had me laughing at the Lost part. love that show!

I like your idea of walking down the aisle together. Very modern yet meaningful.

Mo said...

Oh Rosanna, lol. Ok. I'll think about it, just for you!

Mo said...

@PB: We LOVE Lost. I was a little disappointed by last night's episode, but I have high hopes for next week (or two weeks from now?) Those sneaky tv people, making us wait to find out what happens!

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