Playing Dress Up: Part III

Today I went to Nicole Miller La Jolla in search of the dress again. It was such a nice day, my friend Tiffany accompanied me and we had really yummy sweet crepes before going. Mmmm...crepes!

Let's see what I tried on, shall we?
{I'm wearing ginormously high heels in these photos--wouldn't it be great if I were actually this tall??}

[The train was so pretty on this dress. I thought for the quality of the lace and fit it was a good deal at $1150. Yay for cheaper bridal gowns!!!]

[I felt sassy in this dress, can you tell by my hand on my hip? It was nice, but wasn't for me]

[I almost didn't get to try this on. I went in specifically asking for it, and then the consultant told me that it had been discontinued. Nooooooo! But then I assured her that it was still on the website, so she looked it up, and voila! They in fact had a size 8 sample in the back room! Because it's the last one, instead of $1400, she reduced it to $980. I have until tomorrow to decide. I'm not sure what to do yet, but I'm pretty excited that it was reduced!]

[Image from brides.com -- kinda funky photo direction, no? It just kinda makes me laugh to look at the topiary bunnies. Do you see the bunnies? Do you see 'em?!!]

[Details of the pretty embellished fabric. Unfortunately you can't really see it from far away.]

[My friend Tiffany was so awesome and patient today. She helped me in and out of the dresses AND took pictures AND bought me Ben and Jerry's later. Seriously grateful, thank you Tiffany!]

Out of all of the dresses I tried on, I can honestly see myself wearing the daisy embroidered dress and another I tried on (I didn't take pictures, sorry) a long time ago on my trip to New York. Now I just have to make a decision, because I think at this point I've tried on...30-40 dresses? That's a lot of dresses.

I just feel like I'm done trying things on. I'm getting bridal research fatigue, even though I have so much time until the party. I'm sort of tired of searching and want to have it crossed off the list. What I really don't want to do is be a 2-dress bride, so once I make the decision, no other dresses!

But maybe I could spend money on those bunnies. They'd be good accessories in our portraits. We'd just have to make the collars red, cause y'know, that shade of pink---totally not in our wedding colors.



The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I personally love the 2nd one on you! You look so sassy! But the third one with the embroidery is pretty awesome and you can't beat the price.

honey my heart said...

yay for nicole miller dresses, they have such pretty designs. i like the last dress you tried on and all of the details. so pretty.

Mo said...

How funny! My sister really liked that one too, but I honestly think it's because of the way I am standing. The consultant coached me on how to stand so I'd look taller!

Brandy said...

Oh gosh that embroidery! It's stunning!
Ask yourself if the two contenders were the exact same price(pretend they are full price at the higher of the two.) which one would you pick?
I want to try on that many dresses! I got to get started on that!

Mo said...

Hm...very interesting question Brandy!
I have to admit that because the sample dress was reduced it makes it much more tempting to buy. It's my psyche telling me "Wow, this is such a great deal! You HAVE to buy it now!"

But my gut tells me to wait to throw any money around, unfortunately.

I can't wait to see you in dresses! You're going to have so much fun.

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