Prom, Updos and Makeup

I've only had one updo in my life:

[Me at Prom fiddling with my date's boutonniere, circa...1998?? I loved the hair. I told the hairdresser that I just wanted it up and she worked magic and made it look great. There were some flower arrangements in the salon and she stole some baby's breath from one of them for me. And the makeup...why didn't someone tell me it didn't match my skin tone???]

Since our wedding will be in San Diego in July, I'm pretty sure I want my hair up. I also love headbands and fascinators (no veil here) and have my eye on this pretty number from the fabulous Myra Callan.

[Pacific headband from Twigs & Honey]

I also like how this bride did her hair (I loved this wedding!)

[It looks like her hair is curled and pinned up--I think? Hard to tell. But, what I like is that it's soft, loose, and still off her face. Photo by Robert Sukrachand Photography]

And the makeup part of this post? Well, I'm thinking about diy'ing it! I hope after ten years I should know better than to pick a foundation too light for my skin. Thankfully all of this time I've got in my pocket makes it easy to play around with makeup.

I think my eyes are my biggest challenge. My eyes are almond shaped and I don't have the double-lid that makes putting on eye-liner and shadow the easiest thing to do. Every time someone else does my makeup it ends up a disaster because they try and "create" that illusion for me. Not pretty. BUT I do want to try false lashes and might splurge for some nice ones (I have puny lashes, booo.)

Wow that headband is sparkly. I really want it. Or if anything, maybe the hairdresser can steal some flowers from the floral arrangements again.


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Awww. How cute you looked! Seriously, you haven't aged. That sparkly hairband is DIVINE. You should check out makeup artists who cater to asian eyes....HUGE difference.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

OHMYGOSH, you're on Style Me Pretty!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. So excited for you.

Mo said...

I am????

Mo said...

@PB: Aw thanks! I should be more grateful, but sometimes I grit my teeth when people still ask what grade I'm in. I've been looking for makeup artists who are used to Asian features in SD, but haven't found any yet!

Also, I looked at SMP! Thanks for the heads up. So weird, since people actually read that blog!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I laughed at your last comment! lol. That's awesome. And I know, the young thing can get annoying, I still get carded....and I'm over the legal drinking age in Canada by 12 years!

blushingjoy said...

I love Myra Callan's headband too. So sparkly and pretty.

I have an eye makeup tip that I discovered. I have predominantly single eyelids too and I found that if I line my upper and bottom eyelid, it makes my eyes bigger. Very nice.. :)

Mo said...

Ooooh good tip, Joy! I've done the same thing to my eyes since I don't know when--I have this creamy eyeshadow and just blend it upwards so it gives me a smokey eye, and then I just put a whole lot of mascara on. So I'm in need of new tricks!

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