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I write a ton of emails at work. I could probably type some of them with my eyes closed because I've written so many similar messages hundreds, possibly thousands, of times. Well, that talent has seeped into wedding land. A lot of my wedding emails go something like this:

Dear So and So,
Thank you very much for your prompt response in regards to my request for more information. Unfortunately, [insert line about services being out of our budget but also mention that you still admire their work and would be super jealous of another couple that can afford them, but oh well there are plenty of other options--time to look for more vendors! Maybe I missed something on Project Wedding? Maybe I need to use more search terms on Yelp? Maybe I can post something on my blog and someone will miraculously stop by and see my cry for help! ...don't worry, I don't include most of that. I'm not that nuts.] Best wishes with the upcoming wedding season!

Anyone else hate having to write that email?


honey my heart said...

oh my gosh, yes! i'm actually procrastinating in writing one of those right now. it's a bit hard to say 'no' when i don't want to offend. this sample email will help me quite a bit :)

AmyJean said...

You are very sweet to write such a kind "no thank you" email...

blushingjoy said...

I agree with AmyJean. You're very sweet to reply. I don't. *yikes*

Jessamyn Harris said...

I have to say, as much as it sucks to write (and receive!) that email, you are SO good to be sending them! Nothing is more frustrating over here in "wedding vendor land" than just never ever hearing back from someone after you've been in contact with them about their wedding.
I don't mean vendors you just had one email exchange with - although it's always nice to hear back one way or another - but those that you've had several emails, phone calls, or even meetings with. Trust me - even the best vendors don't get hired 100% of the time, and we would all much, much rather be let down politely (nothing wrong with a "we're going a different way" form email) than just never hear anything again...
So, scary as it may be, please write those emails!
Thank you, that is all :)

brenda said...

oh wow! even though it may be hard to write those emails and the vendor may very much want your business, it is so nice of you to do that, because then they don't continue wondering if/when you are going to get back to them and they can get on with something else. it's very awesome and considerate of you to even do that, many people don't.

Mo said...

Thanks for the input girls!

I like to write them because well, at work I keep in contact with people through email and phone and I can't stand it when people don't get back to me about a decision! I'm sure I've let an email here or there slide (there have been so many!) but for the most part I try and send out my 'no thank yous'!

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