Red and Green without Christmas

Ah, wedding colors. It's quite possibly the second most popular question people ask me, right after "where are you getting married?" and before "how many guests are you having?" I definitely don't think "colors" are necessary, but I think I've been swooning over Kathyrn's inspiration boards for too long not to have some sort of color theme. This is what I'm aiming for:

I love the red because it's so vibrant, and it's actually the only color the boy requested (since it's a lucky color in Chinese culture). And I love the green because it makes everything feel so rustic and organic. We could have strawberries and pie and lemonade and those globe lanterns everyone loves so much. But what if my wedding ends up looking like Christmas in July?

Well, Kathryn managed to make it not look like Christmas. And the entire film Amelie managed to look incredibly gorgeous using red and green without a sense of holiday cheer lingering. Good thing I have 15 months, right?



The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I personally love it!! I love the movie Amelie. Like you said, you'll just have to pick the right shades of red and green.

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