WSJ: Keeping a Wedding Cheap

This article was published last month in the Wall Street Journal about the author's own wedding in which his family transported chicken from Tijuana to keep costs down. The wedding cost $2k back in 1981. It's a good read, I enjoyed it, even though it gives me immense guilt about our future vineyard wedding for roughly 150 people.

Unfortunately bringing in chicken from TJ is not an option for us, since we have to pick from a catering list from our venue. So, while we're at it, we can cross Phil's BBQ (mmm), our local Chinese restaurant, picnic baskets and a pizza buffet off of it too.

We're going to try and save in other places. I'm doing all of the design for the paper products, my sister (yay sistah!) is going to do the flowers, we're not hiring a coordinator, and I think Vera Wang has officially been crossed off being a possibility.

In the end, I hope we're married, and that our family and friends had a good time, and leave full and happy from good food and wine and dancing and conversation.

How are you cutting back, if in fact you are cutting back? And, would you transport chicken from Tijuana to save some cash?


honey my heart said...

we're trying to keep costs down by shopping around for the best deals. so for we've found a florist and dj who are giving nice discounts because of the economy.

Kendicles said...

We are trying to do the same thing! One of my friends is doing my flowers, we're doing buffet instead of a plated dinner, and we found an insanely cheap DJ through the Knot. Every penny counts!

Krista said...

We're trying to save costs, but we're also trying to be eco-friendly.

And where we live (southern Ontario, Canada), bringing in chicken from Tijuana is very un-eco friendly - the carbon footprint of transporting the chicken is high!

Things we're doing to save money: DIY projects, using an incredibly talent florist who actually SUGGESTS ways to save $ with the flowers, and watching those extra "things" ... They add up!

Krista said...

p.s. it's not my bunny ... i just found the pic on-line!

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