Back from Vegas, Back to Reality

[Vegas, not the real Paris]

After a couple days in Vegas, getting teary-eyed at our friends’ wedding, people watching, and dying in the heat, I’m back to reality in cool 68 degree San Diego. I feel like so much happened that it was a lot more than just a couple days, and now I’m trying to reconnect with what was on my mind on Friday. My brain has been playing the same reminders over and over and over for the past year: work-school-wedding, school-work-wedding, wedding-work-school, wedding-wedding-wedding, and then all of the sudden, it was school-work-wedding, school-school-school, pack-pack-feed cat, VEGAS. Here's a quick snapshot of the weekend.

The Wedding

Our friends got married at The Little Chapel of the Flowers, and after we ate at Pampas Churrascaria which served us 7 kinds of meat (the pork was the best, for anyone who is taking notes.) It was sweet, intimate and everyone cried. I totally loved it. All of the weddings I have been to have been bigger with a ton of family members (my family members, third cousins included) or I have been in the wedding, so it was nice to sit back and just watch them bask in their happiness. The Chapel, at least from the guest’s perspective, made everything pretty easy too. There was plenty of parking, someone greeted us when we arrived and directed us to the right chapel, and the next day a video and a photo album were ready for anyone to view. It was a really sweet day.

Congratulations Brian and Sarah!


We occupied one of the velvet booths at Bouchon on Saturday night. I was all set to get the mussels and pommes frittes, but at the last minute decided on the salmon (you can click on the menu below to enlarge it.) I actually felt my salmon was overcooked, but the orzo and greens that it sat on top of was pretty good. I also can't tell if I didn't like it that much because our waiter kept saying the word special "speh-chee-al" and claimed Thomas Keller was above Top Chef. In any case, we had a good time catching up with old friends and staying out of the heat in a fancy restaurant.

[My salmon dish]

[This menu is wrapped around each napkin at your place setting. I thought it was clever as it saves space. It also makes it very easy to take home and scan. Nice souvenir/practical item for say, a wedding? I think so.]

[Our menu. I had the salmon. The boy had the trout. You can click to enlarge to see the details.]

[Side note: If you're in San Diego and looking for French food, I highly recommend Blue Boheme. Not only are the mussels incredible, but you feel like you're eating in a cute little cottage by candlelight.]

[Other side note: I am done with my first year of graduate school! Hence the time to write this post!]


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Congrats on finishing your first year!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Yum. Darn I wish I knew how the non seafood is at Bouchon. I will keep your restaurant rec in mind!

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