Things To Do

Things To Do.

Don't be scared.

+Finalize dress and alterations. (please let this be over. ugh)
+Finish writing ceremony and vows.
+Wrap presents/write thank you cards for people being subjected to wedding day tasks.
+Pay people.
+Bring a whole lotta stuff to the venue.
+Have walk-through with DJ, give him my scary control freak play list.
+Finalize guest count for venue and caterer.
+Finish bride and groom wreaths.
+Assemble 80 mini rose plants--srsly. (Thank you sister!)
+Make table numbers. (bamboo and red paint)
+Make escort cards. (haven't figured this one out yet, what day is it?)
+Make fan programs. (being printed at greenerprinter as we speak!)
+Make cupcake guide.
+Make guest book guide.
+Print menus for each table.
+Finalize seating chart. (I'm still having fun playing with it.)
+Find someone willing to climb a ladder to hang our fabric backdrop.
+Find someone willing to sit at our guest book table.
+Find someone willing to hold our zumi video camera.
+Find someone willing to take video of the ceremony with a normal camera.
+Figure out after party and fun stuff for the Fourth to do with friends.
+Scan photos for slide show.
+Turn 27.
+Feed the cat.

Guest count as of today=135 (out of 210 invited)

We're getting there.


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Ooh happy early birthday! You can get it done!

Email all the guests and ask who has a SLR or nice photo skills. Then just askly - they won't turn you down!

Assign a family member or in law to video taping!

honey my heart said...

you can do it!! and yay for turning 27 :)

Natalie said...

It's getting close - YOU CAN DO IT! And it's going to be great.

Gaynor said...

All sounds fab; it's getting close!

I love how you put feed the cat!

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