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Oy. We're back in DIY hell (or heaven, depending on how much you like crafting,) and I am grappling with fan programs, what to do with escort cards, and other fun projects you can make while watching television and Netflix.

I even got some help yesterday. My crafty cousin, who was visiting yesterday for college orientation, just offered to make all of the ribbon wands I was planning to assemble and took a whole bag full of supplies home with her. It was like someone took a huge sparkly boulder off my shoulders.

For the escort cards, I was thinking of making paper flowers for each one, something like these pretties:

[Incredible, no?]

I even bought pink and red tissue paper, but now I just don't see how I can finish them all. Another idea is to make the escort cards similar to the invites with the hearts and green twine. Less work + on theme + easy = happy Mo.

And while I sit and ponder escort cards, our living room is becoming more and more red:

[I found this basket at Michael's for 50% off. It came with the chalkboard, I added the 'Welcome' and the heart. Our usher will hold it with the programs.]

[I had 5 x 7 kraft postcards printed at greenerprinter and I am currently assembling these with the help of mod podge, spray mount, and double-sided tape. I've done the fanning test, I think its thickness is just the right amount. The red and white polka dot ribbon is tied on the stick.]

[Our officiant, aka our friend, is being a good sport and wearing this bow tie I picked out from Andrew's Ties.]

Perhaps I can find the time to go run on the beach once I find my way out from under all this paper and glue. Two weeks!


Amberdawn said...

"It was like someone took a huge sparkly boulder off my shoulders." Haha, good one :D

And 2 weeks!? WOW!

Gaynor said...

All sounds fab; not long to go at all!

honey my heart said...

that chalkboard on the basket is such a cute idea! i love that you can re-use it & re-write on it later :)

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