Short stories about the first dance

Yesterday I asked the boy if we could practice for our first dance. I played the song via Youtube, got up, put my hand on his arm and started swaying. He let go of me, put his fists up, and started shaking them, as if he were shaking maracas.

Me: What are you doing?
Him: I'm dancing.
Me: You're supposed to be dancing WITH ME.
Him: I am dancing with you!
Me: Slow dancing with me! For our first dance!
Him: Well, you did not specify how to dance. How am I supposed to know what you want me to do?
[Mo holds head in hands, the boy continues to play air maracas and shuffles around the room.]
Him: OH! I know. You can pretend to play maracas too. [Slaps Mo's shoulder] That way people will think we choreographed it.

Help me.


Glo said...

Oh, I am laughing and laughing. I LOVE it! I vote with the boy! :)

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

Oh, Mo, I'm laughing out loud!

I'm not sure how funny I would find this if L did it a couple of weeks before the wedding. But come to think of it, I didn't find anything funny a couple of weeks before the wedding. I might have looked like a stressed and/or possessed troll. Hahaha!

Cute story. Your first dance will be wonderful :) Don't worry! xo

Mo said...

Thanks girls. :)
I do think it's funny. I just hope we actually have a nice first dance that's more serious than our practice run!

Carly, I'll let you know once I hit possessed troll status. I'm not sure what type of psychotic woodland creature I am right now.

Bells said...

Thanks for making me laugh - you're boy sounds like such a cutie!
I'm picturing something like this:
(go to 8.30)

Mo said...

@Bells: I LOVE that movie, LOL. That guy looks so awkward swaying from side to side and moving his fists. I think Crocodile Rock needs to be added to our playlist just for this reason, so that I can do the super awkward dance from Four Weddings and Funeral. :)

Bells said...

oh ha ha ha!
I love it - choreographed crap dancing. It'll be the new craze...

Gaynor said...

I totally burst out laughing at work when I read this; can just imagine him saying, well you did not specify how to dance!

Least you tried to practice tho; we just left it to the day and shuffled quite a bit!

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