Updates: Owl Cookies, a Menu, and Wise Words from Dad

Hi. Miss me? I miss you too.

Some updates from my neck of the woods--it is gettin' crazy here. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it just a little bit.

I was feeling pretty alone in planning and then we had our walk through with our venue this weekend. I felt so much better after because they were so organized and were one step ahead of me. Thank goodness. After, we had a long lunch at Stone Brewing Company, who will be providing the beer at our event. All in all, a pretty nice but productive weekend.

What's Going On...
1. This Sunday marks the end of my first year as a graduate student--woohoo!! I will also be in Vegas the same weekend for a wedding, hopefully not spending that much time on my computer trying to finish my last paper, but rather eating a lot and taking pictures with my new camera!

2. We got the owls as our favors, except they will look more like this to match our theme. I think I am the one in the top left. It looks the shiftiest. Which one are you?:

3. Thanks to everyone for their input on a bachelor party on my birthday. It's official, the boy and his guy friends are spending the weekend in Vegas. I knew he really wanted one, so I'm glad that they went ahead and planned it. I'm going to find a spa and turn off my cell phone in a rare moment of peace. We can celebrate my 27th year another day.

[My birthday last year at Disneyland]

4. I'm really close to finalizing our programs and menus. I got really happy formatting this menu because of all of the food we are going to have!

[Click to enlarge]

5. I bought a Zumi Digital and now just need a camera person during our wedding (or many camera people.) I have no idea how to edit video, but looks like I'm going to find out soon! (Side note: we opted out of a videographer because of cost. I'll let you know how my Zumi Digital works out for us! I also can't wait to use it in Japan!)

[The Zumi Digital, aka, one of our replacements for a videographer]

6. There was so little fabric leftover from my dress that I couldn't make a little flower for my hair. (I know Juel, I was so disappointed!) I went ahead and got the white hair pins for my hair to match my sisters.

7. I started making his and her wreaths.

8. Like any wedding, there has definitely been drama. Tonight after the upteenth argument with my Mom, my Dad took the phone and said:

"You do what you think will be best. Just think of everything like you are number one and everyone else is nobody."

Thanks Dad.


Emily said...

That menu looks amazing! I'm salivating.

Gaynor said...

Yay to finishing your first year and to the owl cookies!

Your dad is so right!

and how did i miss that you went to Disneyland for your birthday last year? I did too, to the one in Florida {well Epcot for my bday}, and had the lovely badge too! G wouldnt wear the im celebrating badge though, I gave it to his sis instead!

{we are going back this year too although not on my birthday but a couple of days after it to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!}

honey my heart said...

hooray for being finished with 1 year of grad school :) looks like lots of your details are falling into place, yay!! i love those owls.

Mo said...

@Gaynor: How fun! I'm a Disney fan, we're always in such a good mood when we are there.
I'm sorry he didn't wear the badge, the boy wore his and we said happy birthday to other people in the park wearing them.

Have fun again this year!

blushingjoy said...

Yay on finishing first year of grad school! How many years do you have left?? I'll be starting my accreditation this year and I'm so not looking forward to it.

You're gonna have soo much fun with the Zumi. We had a video done for our registration too except I haven't had the time to edit it yet. Insert the biggest memory card you can find. Ours went for about 45mins and took up 1GB. :)

Janneke said...

oooh, the owl cookies are so cute!! :D

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